Friday, September 10, 2010

A Note From The Green Woman

Dear Readers,

I've locked Kristin up in her room until she finishes her bird foot shawl. Should be sometime this afternoon. I want to wear it. I might steal it from her when she's not looking. I'll let her blog more when she's done.

The Green Woman

PS. When she is done, I've got some ideas....
(Cue wicked laughter.)

1 comment:

fleegle said...

Hmm, you need to do something about that Green Woman.

Perhaps a joint raid with Harry and Rambo might work. So, how's the shawl?

We had to drive to North Carolina to get Rambo. And we did pay a premium price. But I figure I can get it back eventually if I ever decide to sell her fur.

Go for it--get another French. You know you want to!