Saturday, July 3, 2010

Things My Children Did On The Farm

My mother is promising copies of the pictures soon.

  1. They rode Grampa's mule, Zack, deciding that he was even better than the long-wished for pony. (Grampa is relieved.)
  2. Many happy hours were spent catching tadpoles in the stock tank. I'm not sure why this was so entertaining.
  3. Grampa put up hay just so that the girls could 'help.'
  4. The Princess had her most successful run yet on a bike w/o training wheels.
  5. The Pixie discovered her inner adventurer at a local park on the massive climbing structure.
  6. The joys of the root beer float were discovered and shared.
  7. Also, root beer, strawberry, chocolate and orange cream milk were consumed. I'm not so sure about most of those.
  8. Lots of time was spent working in the garden.
  9. Likewise, lots of time was spent in the kitchen preparing and eating their produce. It's good to learn about food!
  10. The Princess and Grandma worked on the Princess's quilt design. Seriously, she's 7 and she's in the process of designing a quilt.
  11. The went with Grandma and Grampa to visit a friend's farm, where kittens, bunnies, goats and cows were all played with. Fortunately, none of those came home with them.
  12. Water gun fights with Grampa. Glad I wasn't there for that!
  13. The tent was set up, and several nights were spent sleeping in the great outdoors just behind the house.
  14. Grandma performed amazing cosmetic surgery on Tigger. I am impressed.
  15. The Pixie assisted Grampa and I today in performing surgery on my dog to remove a tumor from her tail.
  16. The Princess read as many books as she could get her hands on....discovering Oz in the process.
  17. Both girls submitted to daily braids.
  18. Time was also spent with their Grammie Great (my mother's mother) and their great aunt and uncle (my father's brother and SIL).

Best of all...both girls were happy to see me, and happy to come home with me today!

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Justine Rogers said...

I am glad to hear that Zack is still part of Clan Piep! If the girls need a pony fix a little closer to home, Angel and Ginger welcome them to Critter Country any time!