Friday, July 30, 2010

100 Things To Be Happy About

Truth time - I've not been feeling my best over the last couple of days for a variety of reasons. I didn't even manage to get out of bed early this morning....which is saying something. SO, I'm taking an old idea from my journal for today's entry because sometimes a girl just needs an attitude adjustment. I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Waking up comfortable and warm.
  2. Snuggle time with the girls - my favorite morning activity.
  3. A fresh cup of coffee.
  4. A yummy, sugar-free breakfast. (oatmeal with a mashed banana, unsweetened cocoa powder and natural peanut butter)
  5. A husband who never, ever leaves for work without first giving me a hug and a kiss.
  6. Children who can entertain themselves.
  7. My little nest of a corner in the basement - already my safe haven.
  8. Seeing the dreams of old friends come true. (Thanks Facebook!)
  9. Being able to put money into savings.
  10. Watching my daughter dig happily into her basket of fiber so that she can start spinning.
  11. Finding a good use for the spinning fiber I no longer want or like...while not having to raid my happy fiber stash for a 7-year-old.
  12. Also satisfying my frugal side by not having to throw away said fiber.
  13. Being able to easily fix my old wheel.
  14. Plying a second new skein of yarn for the week.
  15. News that my husband gets to do something really fun with his friends next month. He works hard. He deserves it.
  16. Being very, very fortunate in my marriage.
  17. Registering for my next 10K.
  18. And realizing that I'm actually really excited about doing so.
  19. Knowing that my training this year will be about speed...and not simply whether or not I can make it.
  20. Plus, I was able to order a smaller shirt than last year.
  21. And we again signed on to the Wilsons team for a second free shirt.
  22. Which means the race basically pays for itself!
  23. Winding off a brand new skein of silk laceweight - which is even more beautiful than I had expected. My best spinning project, ever!
  24. Satisfaction at intentional spinning.
  25. Plotting the lace shawl I will make from my new yarn, just as soon as it is washed.
  26. Podcasts
  27. Summer storms. I - rather paradoxically - enjoy them this year. Today's gentle storm is awfully peaceful.
  28. Listening to the girls play Star Wars.
  29. And/or watching them play restaurant.
  30. Really, any creative play is a joy to behold.
  31. As is the fact that they get along so very well.
  32. Brian Froud's artwork - and the interesting way that it draws upon my emotional state.
  33. A second cup of coffee.....can't help it, it's one of my great pleasures in life.
  34. Turning the page on my calendar to a new month.
  35. And the fact that the calendar was a gift from another talented and creative friend.
  36. Realizing there's only two and a half weeks until school starts!
  37. Etsy. I may not actually be buying anything, but it's sooooo much fun to look!
  38. Actually remembering to have put out a chicken to thaw this AM so that it'll be ready when I want to cook it.
  39. Actually having planned ahead for all of the meals this weekend. Makes life soooo much simpler!
  40. Being able to easily throw together a fairly healthy lunch.
  41. Better yet...being able to throw together a lunch the girls like.
  42. Knowing the girls are learning a lesson today, even if we're not entirely happy while they are learning it.
  43. Watching as it sinks in.
  44. Hoping that they will now be more considerate of Mommy's feelings.
  45. Stripy pajamas and comfy sweats. With the weather, it's turned into a pajama day.
  46. Not having to go anywhere. It's just nice sometimes.
  47. Afternoon quiet time
  48. Showers.
  49. Handmade artisan soaps
  50. And all-natural personal care products.
  51. Having discovered the perfect place in my home - finally! - to raise violets. For the record, it's the window sill in my bathroom.
  52. The proof is in the pudding - four of the seven are in their second bloom since I bought them a few months ago, and two others look like they are budding.
  53. Violets.
  54. Houseplants in general. Bringing them into the home again has been the second key to my happiness here.
  55. Having a home which is organized enough that I feel free to spend time with my various projects.
  56. Having multiple projects going so that there is always something that will interest me.
  57. Also moving back and forth keeps my mind and body more nimble.
  58. Getting back to work on a complicated project that has been resting for a while.
  59. Appreciating the miles and miles of garter stitch in that complicated project for the quiet contemplation they bring.
  60. Realizing that I still like that project, and am happy that I am working on it.
  61. A $3 office supply that makes the complicated project possible.
  62. Being introduced to a new book through a new (to me) podcast.
  63. Later being introduced to another new book because of the library's downloadable audiobooks.
  64. Earbuds - so that I can listen to my computer while the girls are watching a movie in the same room.
  65. Afternoon snack. Something I didn't appreciate at all before last summer.
  66. Beads in lace.
  67. Luxury yarns.
  68. Knowing that I can finish another project over the weekend.
  69. Afternoon naps...even if they are very, very brief.
  70. Recurrent dreams that give me something to think about. My dreams always mean something.
  71. The simple fact that no one disturbed me today during my nap.
  72. Storynory....because listening to stories is infinitely better than tv.
  73. No phone calls. It's nice once in a while to live without them for a day.
  74. Sunshine peeping through the clouds.
  75. The smell of baking chicken.
  76. Green beans with onions, almond slivers and olive oil. Yum.
  77. A second round of storms keeping my husband home a little longer than planned.
  78. His opportunity to test a project he's been working on this evening.
  79. While also getting a game night with his friends. Again, he works hard and deserves it.
  80. I also deserve a break, though, so I sit down to start planning something for myself.
  81. Girls who actually eat their healthy dinners this evening.
  82. Actually, the greatly improved diet of my littlest makes me ecstatic.
  83. Feeling good about being able to give them ice cream.
  84. Not having chocolate in the house. Today that would be a bad thing.
  85. Dress-up play. For me that's the MOST fun to watch.
  86. The simple fact that the girls are now playing in the basement most of the time - which is what we've wanted all along.
  87. Peaceful bedtimes.
  88. Little girls who beg for books at bedtime.
  89. And let me actually pick the book for once!
  90. Little girls who are learning their evening prayers...
  91. And who make very wise decisions about the things they ask for during them.
  92. The quiet time after the girls are asleep.
  93. Reflections of an overall excellent summer. The girls have been stellar.
  94. My cranky old cat.
  95. The resources to keep him healthy.
  96. My sweet old dog...who just keeps going.
  97. Extra pillows on the bed to make a comfy nest.
  98. My nightly reading ritual. I know it's time to turn in when I start reading ahead!
  99. Looking forward to my dreams....
  100. And also to my Saturday morning...when I get to sleep in as late as I want!

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