Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Meanderings

  • You know the weather is miserable when you wake up every morning and can barely see out of your windows because of the condensation.
  • Likewise, when you start cheering for thunderclouds....
  • At any rate.
  • The girls started VBS this AM - it's the Pixie's first year - and so I am determined to have a happy week!
  • In a very happy stroke of fate, the Princess's VBS teacher is her beloved Pre-K teacher.
  • The Pixie seemed a bit overwhelmed this morning...but she is eager to go back, and that's what matters.
  • This particular VBS is not at our own church, which has sadly seen a big decline in children's activities over the last few years for a variety of reasons. Also, they have held evening VBS programs which just doesn't work for this family.
  • I would like to point out that just because I put my children to bed at a reasonable time does NOT make us aliens from another planet.
  • I digress.
  • I take the girls to a traditional daytime VBS program which is run by a good friend of mine from P.E.O. I can't say enough good things about both the church and the program, and I'm very grateful that my children get to enjoy such a wonderful week!
  • And it is rather fun to go to the gym by myself. (insert quiet giggling)
  • I came to a rather momentous decision this weekend. Alpaca is just not my fiber, and I don't care if I ever work with it again.
  • To that end...I finally tossed that garbage spinning fiber that I'd been waffling about for so long, and I pulled all of the alpaca yarn from my stash. Out the door with all of it, although I'm not entirely sure yet what I will do with the yarn.
  • What prompted this? I sat down at my wheel with the fiber - intending to do just a fast, rough spin because darn it, I just hadn't been able to throw it out when I realized how awful the stuff was - and it was so rough to the touch that I couldn't bare to work with it for more than a few minutes. I then went and pulled out the yarn and realized that all of it - even the stuff that came from the finest suri - feels like rough straw in my hands.
  • And it smells bad.
  • Yes, I am well aware that my perception of how it feels is probably all in my head. I remember that fiber being buttery soft when I first bought it.
  • Thank You, Alpaca Show.
  • On a happier subject, I promptly pulled out a silk spinning project that I started last summer, and got to work once again.
  • Luck was with me because - despite the fact that I hadn't photographed the drive band ratio last year - I managed to correctly guess the right settings. I know this because I was able to immediately start spinning a single identical to what was already on the bobbin.
  • Yep...I had been nervous.
  • So, Yay me!
  • Below is the official picture for the records so that if I get distracted again than I won't have to worry. We'll discuss later why this became the one and only UFO spinning project I've ever had.
  • I didn't manage any embroidery this week, but I DID wind all of my floss onto bobbins yesterday. It will now be soooo much easier to work with!
  • Oddly, I rather enjoyed that project.
  • I also prewashed, dried and ironed a piece of linen that I would like to embroider on.
  • All that's missing is the time!
  • It's pretty cool that all of my embroidery fits into one tiny box.
  • Just sayin!
  • I'm hoping to finish knitting Damsen either tonight or tomorrow.
  • That's about as excited as I could get about knitting this week.
  • Speaking of knitting, my high school sweetheart wins the award for "Most Creative Use Of Old Shawls." He suggested - via Facebook - 'paraglider.'
  • I did take the two circular shawls down to my little 'work area' (as the girls are calling it) to aid in the decor.
  • My Emily's Firmament I pined to the wall as the color is a pretty close match to the wood trim in the basement. Plus, it takes up a lot of space and is fun to look at!
  • For now it's up with straight pins, but if anyone has any brilliant ideas as to how to display a large lace piece on the wall....I'm open to suggestions!
  • The silk Rose shawl is draped across the back of my rocker to help soften all of the brown. I love natural wood, but it does sometimes seem a bit much.
  • Today is day six on the yeast/sugar free diet....and it is the last official day on this diet until I go in for allergy testing in October. I've been a total crab for most of those six days (ask my poor BKB), and quite honestly don't want to keep putting my family through this until I have an official diagnosis...and hopefully better guidance than that from a 20-year-old book.
  • I am going to stay sugar-free, though. That certainly never hurt anyone!
  • After a week I can definitely say that I am sleeping much better, my face is much clearer, all of the swelling in my face, hands and joints is gone and my digestion shows signs of improvement.
  • One unlooked for blessing that has come from this was a very obvious allergic reaction to the cashew butter yesterday. I call it a blessing because it was really a scary sort of reaction (tingling mouth and throat, and then my throat became swollen to a point that was uncomfortable for the rest of the day...leaving me feeling today as if I've had bronchitis), but because of the diet I've been on I was easily able to identify the cause and can now avoid it.
  • It's definitely the type of information one needs to know about!
  • And don't worry...I am going to see my GP Wed. since I couldn't get in to the allergist until October. Tree Nut allergies are not something I want to mess with.
  • And like that, my love affair with the cashew butter is over.
  • By the way, do you know how difficult it is to get 1,600 calories/day eating mostly meat and veggies?
  • Crazy.
  • I had a glass of milk tonight, and it was quite possibly the greatest pleasure I've ever known.
  • I am having one cup of coffee tomorrow...because until someone tells me otherwise I'm going to continue believing that one cup of decaf is the perfect way to start the day.
  • And now - because it's late and because I want to - I am going to go watch mindless tv and knit.

Have a great week everyone!


Bonnie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

When I first designed Emily's Firmaments for an art installation, I attached it to the wall using map tacks. You can get them at art supply or stationery stores. They don't stick our as far as pins and come in a variety of colors, so you can use a color that works best for where you're hanging it.

Anne said...

Wow - busy busy week and it's only Monday!

I'm glad you got back to the silk spinning project. It looks great.

Shelda said...

Glad you're finding your own way with the health/diet issues. It's all a process, for sure!

What is that gorgeous yarn up at the top? It looks so happy sitting there on the window sill!

A Day That is Dessert said...

So sad to hear about your allergic reaction! And inspired to hear about you working so hard to get in good health (sorry it is such a struggle).

VBS: yay for the kids and a big yay for the mama!


I adore your monday meanderings!