Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Magic Words

Yesterday afternoon my Gram called. During the course of our conversation, I fessed up that our Christmas gift for her this year was 'rather funny.' Instead of stressing out about a gift for a woman who doesn't really need anything, we had decided to give her a selection of pictures from the girls' Christmas portraits. Yep, this was cheating a bit as we technically didn't order any for her, but gave her the extra prints from our own order, BUT we knew she would like them. Gram was actually quite pleased to hear that she was receiving the pictures, and agreed that there was really nothing she needed.

"But," she said, "There is something I want...."

I pounced on that little phrase with an excitement not to be contained. Gram NEVER asks for ANYTHING! I would move heaven and earth to give her something she actually asked for!

Last weekend my parents decided to take the girls and my Gram out to see the new Disney princess movie. Afterwords they all went over to Grammy-great's house for some popcorn and treats. During that visit, my Gram fell head over heels in love with the Sunflower Tams that my girls were wearing.

And so, she had decided that she wanted a hat of her own. In red, please.

As soon as my husband arrived home after work, I dashed out the door to Hillcreek so that I could pick out red yarn to make my Gram's hat. True reds are apparently not so popular right now, and so unfortunately I didn't have that many yarns from which to pick. No matter, I think she'll like the Debbie Bliss Chunky Cashmerino I found!

The funny thing is that I had to go back this morning to get a size 9 in a 16 inch and in DPN's. I almost never use anything above an 8, and as I have a huge supply of needles it hadn't occurred to me that I wouldn't have what I needed. The ladies in the store just laughed.

I'm getting ready to sit down and cast on, and will have plenty of time this evening to knit the entire hat. It's looking like we won't be able to go see my family tomorrow because of the weather, but if we do, I'll be ready with a new hat for Gram.

PS. In other knitting news - I've decided the monkeys will be a Valentine's Day gift. Promise I'll explain more next week. Also, my husband talked me off the knitting ledge yesterday and I've decided not to immediately get started on cardigans for both girls for this winter. (I know, I know....silly knitter.) I'll order the yarn and start that this summer for next year.

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Paula said...

Good idea to take the stress off by postponing Carmen for Valentines. Love the Tam for Gram. I could just picture you dashing to the LYS for your supplies. Cute!