Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Candle

Several years ago, a real gem showed up amongst our Christmas decorations. We're not entirely sure where the gingerbread house Christmas Candle came from, and we've never put it out because it really is rather tacky. I think, perhaps, it was a white elephant gift from a Christmas party.

Anyway, for the last several years when it's turned up as we've done our holiday decorating, we've wrinkled our noses at it and put it right back into the boxes. Now who knows why we didn't just get rid of it. Some things just seem to hang on longer than they should. This year, however, my husband decided that the Christmas Candle needed to have its day in the sun. In fact, he's determined to burn the entire thing before Christmas...just to make sure the thing gets used up for once and for all.
Every evening my sweet husband lights the candle as we sit down to eat, leaving it burning until we all leave the kitchen for the night.
He won't admit to it, but he's enjoying the candle more than is reasonable. He's even got the kids excited about it, and they examine the silly thing every day to see how much progress they've made.
I think he's going to miss his special candle when it's gone!
Seriously, though, he's so cute with the beard that I'd let him do anything right now...even buy a new candle for next year.
I'll let you know if he succeeds in burning the entire thing!


Paula said...

That's cute. You will all remember the Christmas of the Gingerbread Candle.

Clefton Twain said...

My "I just got back from the gym and haven't showered" look compliments the ugly candle very well!

Bonnie said...

Some candles are made to be saved and displayed, and others need to be burned!!! Be sure to post a "last dying gasp" of the gingerbread house candles.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Hilarious! And your husband looks great with a beard.