Monday, May 4, 2009

The Monday List

We will now all laugh at last week's very late list and the futility of trying to accomplish any of it given how the rest of our week went.
We'll just start fresh this week.
  1. Spring Cleaning is upon us! I'm on track to finish cleaning up the Pixie's room today, and would like to also get her sister's room cleaned up this week as well. Given that most of her stuff is still living in my room, this shouldn't be that big of a deal. What IS a big deal is that I am working to really teach her to take ownership and responsibility for her own stuff. So far, so good.
  2. I've finally finished cleaning out the girls' closets, and so it's time to get to mine. It never really recovered after the alpaca show, and really needs some attention.
  3. One final cleaning note - I should, perhaps, think about doing a little bit of work in our storage area. I went in there yesterday and was actually surprised with how much garbage is in there. People do not need as much stuff as we have!
  4. Over the last couple of days I've found myself gravitating towards only one of my knitting projects with an eye towards finishing it ASAP. Surprisingly, the project that has drawn me in is the Laminaria shawl. (When I have multiple projects, it's actually quite common for this to happen. I then become a single project knitter until it's over.) I should finish it up this week...which will then give me something new to show off at our guild meeting next week.
  5. Speaking of that guild meeting, I also need to block my Lacewing shawl so that I can show it off as well.
  6. I'm reading The Intentional Spinner right now - which I had wanted to do before starting any new spinning projects. I really do need to pick the next one and get started, though. I have three options....and haven't quite decided which one is the most appealing.
  7. The dratted Princess shawl needs to be swatched. Enough said.
  8. On Friday I pulled out my pile of prepared pieces for project bags. It won't take long to sew them up, and it will feel oh so good to have that one little project out of the way! (My sewing machine and I had an argument or they would be done by now.)
  9. I need to take some time to sit down and focus on planning out/sketching some knitting ideas that I have percolating in my head.
  10. Also, I need to get to work on a baby gift for a shower in June. (EEeeekkk! Only six weeks!)

Lofty goals, yes, but I'm in a rather productive frame of mind right now.

Have a great week everyone!


A Day That is Dessert said...

Happy Monday! - glad you're in a productive frame of mind :) - I'm hoping to get there. I stayed up too late and am really spinning my wheels this morning as a result.

margene said...

This is the reason I shy away from lists. Maybe you should shorten yours and let what happens happen. ;-)