Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Traditions

Several years ago, my very excited mother-in-law called to ask if she could take the Princess to our local Memorial Day Parade. Gana LOVES parades...but no one else ever wanted to go with her. Turns out she had been patiently waiting until her granddaughter was old enough to go with her.
This year, we decided the Pixie was old enough to join the fun! Gana had everything the girls could need - folding chairs, juice boxes, and a plan as to how best to see the parade.

Afterwords, she introduced the girls to the joys of iHop. (Nope, they'd never been. Gana apologized for "corrupting" them.)

This one was so excited about her pancake face that she bounded in the door with full description that COULD NOT WAIT. She's been reading the menu every since.

This one just likes sweets!

A big Thank You to Gana for taking the girls on such a fun outing, and an even bigger Thank You to her and to Doc for sharing the photos!


Shelda said...

Those kind of traditions with grandparent(s) will be absolutely priceless to them later, too. What a wonderful thing. Thanks for sharing it!

A Day That is Dessert said...

These photos are priceless! I wish we had a Memorial Day parade, and relatives close enough to share it with. Lucky you. xoxo