Friday, May 1, 2009

Embracing the Green

About two months ago, my acupuncturist took one look at me and smiled as she said, "You must really be ready for the spring!" I looked down at myself and laughed as I was wearing head-to-toe green. My shirt and socks were green, my knitting bag was green, everything in my knitting bag was green and my jewelry was green. YES, I was ready for the spring.

As the green has slowly crept over the earth this spring, I've come to recognize that there's something very powerful about that color that has been drawing me. It's not merely that I like green...although I do...but that I need it.

I need green as surely as I need fresh air to breath, water to drink, healthy foods to nourish me and peaceful sleep to help me rest. This year, green is about healing and growth. It's a promise of better things to come and a reminder of the life force that moves within us all.

Color shifts are - for me - quite natural and normal. This year, though, I'm choosing to fully embrace the green in all of it's glory. I'm letting it take over my life as I celebrate this color in all of its glorious variety.

It's hard to say which particular green is my favorite....from lime to olive to seafoam to mint to loden get the idea. I want to wear it and to surround myself with all it has to offer.

For me, the act of embracing the green is most apparent in my constant companion - my knitting bag. Open it (a very lime green!) and you will find nothing but green projects.

Working on each is a way to draw the green just a little bit more firmly into my heart, and each of these projects makes me smile.
This is indeed going to be a very good year.


A Day That is Dessert said...

This is a beautifully written post, Kristin. I'm the same way - I find at certain seasons I wear and surround myself with certain colors to the point of making myself sick of it. I'm in a green phase too :)

Happy May Day!

Bonnie said...

I'm thinking of buying some green yarn today - and it could be your fault! :-)