Saturday, June 14, 2008

We're Perplexed

The Green Woman and I are not quite sure where this one came from.

I know how to sew, but I choose not to. I just don't like it, despite many, many attempts to learn to love such a useful craft. The Green Woman never even tries to push me in that direction, as she feels it would be a complete waste of her time.

Sewing in general, and quilting in particular, are my mother's specialty. She's very talented and creative, even though she doesn't think she is. She would never say so, but I think she is disappointed that I didn't turn out to love the sewing machine as much as she does.

Pattern: Towels With A Twist, by Amy McIntire
Source: Better Homes & Gardens Quilting, August 08
Materials: two tea towels, and two bamboo handles
Extras: Mom's ultra-cool sewing machine that does fancy stitches

Last Wednesday the girls and I drove to my parents' home for a visit. As usual, I was fully prepared for whatever handwork might strike my fancy. Yes, the amount I pack for a three day visit is completely ridiculous. You try living with the Green Woman.

Yesterday morning I found myself lazily leafing through Mom's quilting magazines. To my surprise, I fell head over heals in love with this bag. I don't know that I intended to actually make it - certainly not so soon - but the towels and handles materialized rather randomly during some errands, and then Mom offered to let me use her spiffy new Bernina. The pattern is definitely a beginner pattern, and I didn't have to rely on Mom for a thing. (Well, I did need her for a few details on the operation of said spiffy Bernina. It's a tad intimidating.) In just under two hours I had my new summer knitting bag, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process!

To be sure, there are lots of things I could do to improve upon my bag. Mom gave me a whole list of them when I had finished. The sleeve around the handles needs to be narrower, for one, and the seam that forms the bottom of the bag is ever so slightly crooked on one side. I'm not going to change it, though. For once in my life I'm going to set aside my perfectionism and just enjoy the bag as is. After all, it is a beginner project, and everyone has to start somewhere! Besides, sewing will never be my forte, and I'll make myself nuts if I try to fix all of the details.
Do you hear that wild, crazy cheering in the background? The Green Woman just peeked over my shoulder, and is very, very happy about that plan. She thinks the bag is perfect just as it is.


Bonnie said...

That bag is perfect. Just some tea towels and handles? Wow! I'm writing the name of the magazine down...

Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

I like the Green Woman, a lot. Well worth listening to, like my Cait.