Friday, June 27, 2008

HandKnit Love

It's a rather sad state of affairs that knitters rarely get handknit gifts. I won't even guess why this happens - other than to say that our knitting family and friends sometimes just assume that we can do it ourselves. (My husband is an exception. He's made me a scarf and a pair of felted clogs.)

Occasionally, though, if a knitter is very, very lucky a friend will knit something for her family.

Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Baby Sweater from Knitter's Almanac. Knit with love by Jenn in honor of the Pixie's second birthday.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!


Paula said...

Seeing Pixie's sweet little face on my computer screen has made my day special! She looks so proud in her new sweater. Jenn did a great job on the February baby sweater.

Shelda said...

That is so, so sweet! I just love that sweater. Never have knit one, but I love it. Lucky Pixie! Lucky you! Nice Jenn!

Bonnie said...

It's darling!!!