Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Day

I started yesterday with a little sewing project. (Shown next to my machine for scale.) These little knitting project bags were made using this tutorial, and they were easy and quick to make up. I bought the fat quarters at The Wooden Spool, which is a fabulous quilt shop in my hometown of Excelsior Springs.
I love the fact that they are lined...and reversible! They are very cute, and they are also a perfect size for small projects like socks or lace scarves. Now that I have the instructions down, I think I'll make more in different sizes. I've wanted project bags for a long time so that my knitting bag is more organized, and these are just perfect.

I then spent a bit of time in the evening cutting 19 yards of tulle into four inch strips. Why on earth would I do such a thing? Ahhh....simple. This cloudy pile of pretty tulle will soon become beautiful tutus for the girls to wear. The instructions are courtesy of Jenn, who made them for her daughter this last winter. The Princess was so excited that she could barely go to sleep last night after seeing all of this!
After the girls went to bed, I went through my stash and pulled this big basketful of goodies to give away this evening to some friends at a knit/craft party. Leftovers from past projects fill most of the basket, but there are some random skeins of things I just don't want anymore.

I finished my evening by working a bit more on my shawl. I will easily finish the middle section today!

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Jenny J said...

Your little drawstring bags are great! And thanks for posting a link to the tutorial. They could also be useful for containing the various spindle-spinning fibers, etc. for any of us who have several of those going at once.

Or how about reusable packaging for small gifts?