Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Meanderings

This is the first skein of handspun I made when I got back into spinning.  It's just under 500 yards of a delicious merino/tencil blend.
It's a rainy Monday morning, and I actually have things to talk here goes!
  • I have 3 (!!!) finished project posts to share with you this week.  It's VERY EXCITING!!!!
  • As you know, I've been working really hard this year to use up what I have instead of buying more...and one of the three projects happens to be particularly exciting because it falls into the stash busting category. 
  • I'm actually quite pleased with my stash busting this year.  I'll share stash before and after pictures in December. 
  • I'm totally planning on continuing that in 2016.  It feels GREAT! to use up what I have.
  • Remember the year where I made most of our Christmas gifts?  Yeah, there's not going to be a repeat this year.  I really loved my handmade Christmas, but it was just sooooo much work.
  • There is currently only one handmade gift planned.
  • And it's a doozy.
  • Insert self-satisfied, smug smile.
  • Have I mentioned lately how much I love running?  I've gone over the deep end into full-on obsessed.
  • I knew I was in trouble when I started bringing home books and magazines from the library and began listening to running podcasts....
  • I never have been able to go half-way into anything. 
  • I've signed up to run my first half-marathon in the spring, with a potential for two more in the fall.  I do a LOT better when I'm actively training for something....and I'm really looking forward to the challenge of longer runs. 
  • I'm going to have to get a job to pay for all of the races I want to run...
  • My favorites are my Sunday morning runs.  I like to go to my favorite park after sunrise (it's a popular, safe don't worry), and it's just so beautiful and peaceful.  That time alone is very centering, and I always come home with a smile. 
  • My new running 'thing' is that I now try to take at least one picture/run.  Mostly I take pictures of my beautiful surroundings, but I also like to take post-run selfies.  Oftentimes I find myself shooting into the morning light, unable to actually see what's on the screen, only to come home and find that I've captured a bit of magic.  It's added another layer of pleasure to the experience. 
  • I continue to follow my allergy plan - 7 months of full compliance and counting! - and while fall still kind of sucks I'm in a better place that I've been in for a very long while.
  • In fact, I see some change in the next year coming because of the phenomenal improvements I've been able to make in my health. 
  • Of course, I'm also going through a curious vain phase...and I've NEVER been a vain woman.
  • I'm not used to liking what I see in the mirror...or enjoying shopping...or truly wanting to make myself look good before I leave the house. 
  • Confounds me a bit. 
  • I'm still obsessively watching the X-Files.  Took a break for most of October because I love to watch all of the stupid scary movies on tv that month, but I came roaring back with a passion a couple of days after Halloween and blasted through seasons 6 and 7 in about a week.  Decided to watch the last 2 seasons - even though they are universally hated - and can honestly say that while I don't hate them, season 8 at the very least commits the grand sin of being pretty darn boring. 
  • I want to be Dana Scully when I grow up. 
  • I am way more excited about the 6 episode special run of the X-Files in January than someone my age should probably be....
  • Reading, though, has taken a hit.  That's ok.  Once in a while I go through a bit of time where I just can't seem to settle into any books. 
I have things to do today, so that'll have to be it for now.  I'll leave you with some grand pictures from my run yesterday morning.  Have a great week everyone!


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