Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Meanderings - Holiday Edition!

Last night my church had a lighting ceremony for our brand new peace tree.
Isn't it beautiful!
Let's get right to it today, shall we?!
  • I feel a need to knit silly little Christmas ornaments this year.
  • I'm trying to resist that urge.
  • I really love knit toys and such, but goodness...they are so fiddly!
  • And yet...I'm spending copious amounts of time on Ravelry looking at knit ornaments....
  • My kingdom for buttons!  I have not yet shared a finished project post for my Mesmeric sweater because I can't find any stupid buttons that will work for it!!! 
  • We do NOT have a large selection here in town, and they need to be tiny.
  • I had ordered what I thought would be the perfect solution from KnitPicks...but they were backordered.
  • Sigh.
  • I'm hoping to find buttons before Christmas, because I'd really love to wear this sweater then.
  • Speaking of clothes.  (sort of) We have a family photo shoot lined up for Saturday, and so I have until then to come up with coordinating outfits for all of us.  This is NOT my forte.
  • Seriously...clothes are stressful for me.
  • Also stressful?  Shoes.  The search for winter shoes which fit has begun again. 
  • I am not hopeful.
  • My feet will be cold for the next few months as I will be surviving in Birkenstock sandals and handknit socks....which is a lovely combo, but isn't quite warm enough for our weather. 
  • Christmas!  Yay!
  • I'm seriously considering a significant break from Facebook for the in deactivating my account for about two weeks.  I'd thought about shutting it down for the entire month, but there are reasons why I just can't do that right now.  Time away would be good for the soul, I think. 
  • And it would help me be more present for my family, which is a good thing.
  • Time is running out on the stash knit down of 2015. 
  • No worries, it shall continue in to 2016.
  • There are definitely things I'd love to knit that will require purchasing yarn.  It can be frustrating to want badly to make x when you don't have the right materials, but at the same time I am enjoying very much the process of making due with what I have. 
  • And, it's allowed me to make some really fun things. 
  • And I definitely feel good watching the stash go down.
  • It stresses me out to have so much yarn sitting around, not being used.  There's a lot of money tied up in there!
  • Will absolutely be continuing on the stash knit-down next year.  Bet you anything I can get through most of the stash by the end of next year!
  • A side note....will 2016 also be a year of spinning down the fiber stash?
The knitting is calling...time to run.
Have a great week everyone!

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