Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For A VERY Special Woman

 When someone who does so very much for so many other people - who has, in fact, made a career out of compassionately loving and caring for those around her who are in need and/or are sick and dying - finally admits in a small voice that she might like a pair of handknit socks....

Having consulted with a close friend of Aunt Lee Lee's about color, I custom made this purple pair to her specifications.  The yarn is actually an old favorite of mine that I've really struggled with over the years.  I tried a shawl and several other pair of socks.  Honestly, they just needed to be plain socks because they color is pretty enough to stand out on it's own!

You should know this by now, but:
Basic Sock Pattern by Ann Budd
in The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns
2.25 mm Harmony DPN's from Knit Picks
Pagewood Farm Denali Sock Yarn, 1 Skein in "Passion"
68 stitches - 55 rows in leg of 2x2 ribbing, 44 rows in foot
June 21- 30, 2012

The one thing I will say about Pagewood Yarns is that if you see a color you like - GET IT - that same colorway will NOT look the same again if you try to order it down the line.  Dye lots are very different.  Other than that, it's a really spiffy yarn to work with!

As you can see, I also sent Aunt Lee Lee home with the Classic Kilim socks I made last year.  They turned out a wee bit too small, so I never actually wore them.  Also, much as I loved them - and they were a joy to knit - they just didn't scream "KRISTIN!" very much.  When Aunt Lee Lee asked for socks I instinctively knew that they were meant for her.  As I've said time and time again, sometimes my knitting speaks to me about where it's to go, and I make SURE to listen!

We Love You Aunt Lee Lee!

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Kristin Darden said...

The shawl that asked to come home with me three years ago is much loved and treasured. She is one of many lovely things about cool fall weather!