Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Story

I adore Valentine's Day...for all that my husband and I keep it super-simple.

Each year we give the girls something simple with a bit of candy, and each year my husband gives me the same, small gift and a card. We don't really do grand gestures, evenings out (fighting the crowds) or piles of expensive gifts....and I think we both like it this way best.

And so for today, I thought I would celebrate by telling you the story of our very first Valentine's Day together as a couple.

Sean and I did not have a typical boy meets girl romance. For us it was more like this:

Boy Meets Girl

Boy and Girl become friends in a D&D group.

Girl dates string of idiots while boy picks up pieces.

Boy gets engaged to someone else...and then breaks the engagement.

All the while they are best of friends.

One day boy and girl look at each other and realize that they are perfectly matched...

and then have to navigate the transition from good friends to something more....which was more difficult than it sounds and not very romantic.

Our first Valentine's Day occurred about a month after our relationship changed. (And for the record, I get full credit for being the one to take the leap!) I was working for a local florist, and had spent the better part of the week before dethorning roses and generally being stressed out by my busy schedule. On Valentine's Day I was to be at work by 7:15...earlier than normal so that I could help prep the shop for opening before I went to class. I was in a huge hurry to get out the much so that my natural clumsiness collided badly with my change in pace. In Kristin v. Bagel, Kristin lost...and Sean received the following call:

He, "Hello?"
Me, "Good Morning, Happy Valentine's Day! Can you take me to the emergency room now?"

Four stitches and an amused ER staff later* we were both back to our regular schedule with quite the story to tell.

And the smart boy did buy me flowers that year....and he made the even smarter decision to make sure there weren't any roses in them after all of those thorns!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

*The doctor told me that bagels were the number one cause of household accidents leading to ER visits...a fact which I didn't believe at the time. Imagine my surprise when a local paper ran an article a couple of weeks later that backed up his claim. Shortly thereafter, Mom bought me one of those nifty bagel slicers.


Shelda said...

Oh, what a fabulous story! I love those sort of "warts & all" stories. You have a fabulous day!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I always love hearing about 'how it all started' with couples.

Before I got to the part about your mom buying you a bagel slicer, I was going to suggest a 'bagel guillotine' - seriously, that's what ours has printed on the side! We got it as a wedding gift and I love it.