Monday, February 7, 2011

In A Stunning Turn Of Events

This time *I* was the one to tempt the Green Woman!
While I have most certainly been enjoying the blanket every bit as much as my Green Woman, I knew that if I kept at it long enough for her to grow bored than things might start to happen....
Looking back through old blog posts, I was reminded of the time when she hid all of my knitting needles. There was also an incident in which she spilled coffee all over a knitting project she didn't like.
It's just best not to risk it. So last night I cast on for something I knew she wouldn't be able to resist....a shawl worked from center out. Ordinarily I go for circles....but I've had this particular pattern - a square - waiting in my queue for quite some time.
Circle or square, we both like watching lace grow from the center out....the pattern developing like magic. It never fails to amuse us. The Green Woman shook her head a bit over the pattern - Anne Hanson's Snowflakes on Cedarwoods. She was not amused with the blizzard, stalking outside in the worst of it to shake her fist at the skies in great frustration. However, we had a talk and she now understands.

The best way to make peace with something beyond your control - like the weather - is to celebrate whatever good you can find in it. As frustrating and inconvenient as this crazy snow-filled winter has been, it's also given us great beauty and moments of peace.

Years from now, I'm hoping that this shawl will remind me of that.


margene said...

You are so smart to set The Green Woman on a positive and peaceful path of renewal. May she wear and love the shawl always as it will be full of all that's good.

Anne said...

That's such a great pattern - I know you will love it when it's done. :)

Paula said...

Beautifully written. Your post made me smile. The shawl is going to be beautiful!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Very well said.