Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Three identical pair of feet....thank Goodness the girls took after their Dad in this one little (big!) thing.

  • I am very tired this morning, so if this gets a little bit wonky, you'll know why.
  • Why am I tired? Well, I barely slept last night...for a variety of reasons....and we had a very long weekend. (Think about 3 hours of quality sleep. Not enough by any one's reckoning.)
  • On Saturday we celebrated the Pixie's birthday with 4/5 of the grands and the great-grand. It was a wonderful day, and I believe all of her birthday wishes came true. This was my favorite type of birthday party - just the family, lots of love, fun birthday presents, good food and a very happy kid.
  • Oh! and balloons! We had lots of balloons!
  • The sour cream chocolate cake (recipe from Nigella Lawson's How To Be A Domestic Goddess) was a huge hit with the adults...but not so much for the girls. Oh well!
  • Chocolate cake is the PERFECT breakfast food. Just sayin.
  • The Princess had a doubly good day on Saturday because she also went to a friend's birthday party at a local gymnastics gym.
  • We are now considering gymnastics lessons - especially since the gym is literally two minutes from our house. Both girls are going to need something physical this summer to help burn off some energy!
  • The Pixie totally thinks that her birthday lasted for four days. The actual day was last Wednesday - when we took her to dinner and bought her flowers. On Thursday she took cupcakes to school. As a family we went out to dinner on Friday, and as that's a rarity usually only associated with holidays she made the natural connection to that being about her birthday as well. All of this wound up with the party on Saturday.
  • Her older sister was also working hard to justify this...trying to make SURE that the birthdays had been equal.
  • I had hoped for some sort of family activity yesterday, but my husband got sick and spent the entire day in bed. I tried to be very understanding as he just doesn't get sick all that often, but WOW those kids were nuts yesterday. I think the birthday party high was wearing off in a big, bad way.
  • One very good thing happened yesterday - we sang my favorite old hymn at church. It was spontaneous as a guitar string broke, preventing the scheduled special music. Sometimes I think things are meant to be. Ask me sometime about my musical issues with the church. I needed that old hymn yesterday.
  • I think I'm also worn to the bone. It might be time for another weekend away by myself.
  • I'm rather sick of the rain. My poor bike really wants to go ride the trail...but it's been a sopping mess since my last ride.
  • I think the rain/weather is also contributing to a rather blah feeling in my entire family.
  • I've started pulling clothes out of my closet which I have no intention of ever wearing again. I haven't really bought anything since I started working out last summer except for the rare necessity and workout clothes. The closet is starting to look rather sparse...and yet still I'm making due for a little while longer.
  • You would think that my lack of clothing would bother me, but in a way it's a relief to not have to think about it. I have at least one thing for every social situation I can imagine right now....and that's all I need.
  • The last time I weighed myself was April 26 - and I had to check My Daily Plate records to figure that out.
  • Even better, I don't really care what I weigh right now. I'm just focused on how I'm feeling. I've not felt this way since I was 11.
  • Unfortunately, how I'm feeling is not so good. I'm going back in for bloodwork today or tomorrow because I shouldn't still be this tired and icky all of the time. I have a feeling that everything is ok - that I've just gotten into some bad habits again because I've been tired - (sweets, chocolate) - and that those bad habits are feeding into the exhaustion.
  • Which means, this week I must absolutely do a wonderful job of taking care of myself.
  • I'm spending a lot of time complaining today. That's not good.
  • I'm going to go take a nap.

Have a great week everyone!


Clefton Twain said...

Wow. My feet look nasty in that pic!

Paula said...

What a funny foot photo! Strong foot genes. Sound like the Pixie really scored on the birthday. Thanks for sharing.

I want to hear what you have to say about church music. I have a feeling we have similar issues.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love your Monday posts!

My boys did gymnastics for years - until Abbott started kindergarten. It's a great way to get exercise in the winter, and to learn to use your body in a deliberate way.