Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's Meander A Day Late

Before I begin, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who commented on my Mother's Day post. Your kind words not only helped to validate my feelings as of late, but also proved to me that I am not alone.

Interestingly enough, your response also happens to have been exactly what this writer needed to prove to herself that she does have something to say. I feel like my heart is cracking open and the words are beginning to flood out. Perhaps I'll start posting a weekly essay...that could be fun!

Now let's get to the business of the day:
  • My Mother's Day was fantastic! I'll share photos with you later this week of the gifts and cards which the girls made.
  • The girls aren't too impressed with the fact that I ordered my main present myself. Ordinarily, I don't approve of such actions, either, but I really, REALLY wanted the item in question - a personalized necklace by the fabulous Lisa Leonard.
  • Yep, pictures are coming later. The camera batteries are dead right about now, and I'm too lazy/tired to fix that today.
  • Ironically, my husband gave me a card which joked about him being the "Snorer in your bed," for Mother's Day. Why is it ironic? His allergies kicked up Saturday night, and I wound up sleeping on the couch because he was snoring so much. (Sorry hun...but it was funny.)
  • Good thing we have an excellent sleeping couch!
  • My Mother's Day was also stressful. My 17+ year old cat went into hypoglycemic shock in the afternoon, which was terrifying. A quick call to Dad and a slug of honey later and he was fine. I've cut his insulin dosage in half, and he seems to be back to normal. In fact, he spent most of last night wrestling with my husband's cat as if they were kittens. He's amazing.
  • If a bit sticky. Turns out, cats don't like honey.
  • I can't believe that the cat has been doing so well on insulin for six years now - at least four years beyond the average for diabetic cats - but I also have to recognize that he is a 17+ year old diabetic cat who just isn't going to live forever.
  • It's a bitter pill to swallow.
  • Goodness, I just realized I've had that cat for almost half of my life....
  • Truthfully, my weekend was also tough because I had a bit of a setback regarding my recovery. I spent most of the weekend in bed, doing absolutely nothing because I just didn't have any energy. The last couple of days have also been a struggle, and I've been crying a lot again.
  • Patience...patience...patience.
  • And gratitude for a phone call from one of my husband's aunts which helped to put things into perspective.
  • And even more gratitude for a personal trainer who has been amazing over the last two months.
  • In an effort to save myself from my youngest's current music craze, I let her put Mamma Mia - the Broadway version - back in her CD player. At the time I thought it would be better than a constant stream of "Blue Moo."
  • I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm getting a bit sick of Abba.
  • Abba is one of my top 5 favorite bands if that tells you how bad it is.
  • Although I will admit that walking into the living room to find the Pixie standing on her table, dressed to the nines (sparkle shoes! feather boa!! tiara!!!) and belting out Dancing Queen at the top of her lungs is pretty darn hilarious.
  • A very good musical item from last week - they sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on Glee last week. Musical perfection.
  • Crafty stuff?
  • It's spring, and spring is all about my spinning wheel and lace.
  • I did a lot of spinning last week, and I hope to present you with three completed hanks of yarn this week.
  • I did indeed decide that life was too short to spin junk fiber, and have moved on. I'm trying to decide which fabulous batch of fiber I will spin next...another small, handpainted gem or a bigger, more long-term project? Perhaps I should draw a number from a hat.
  • While I have a lot of lace I'd like to be working on, I'm focusing mostly on finishing a baby gift right now. The finished item is going to be phenomenal, and I can't wait to gift it!
  • I did do all of the finish work today on the Swan Lake stole. I hope to also show it off later this week.
  • I had a KnitPicks order arrive today with a bunch of DPN's that I needed. This is very important because it means I can cast on a new circular shawl today!
  • Ooohhhh...I also received my new Namaste circular needle case yesterday. It is EXACTLY what I wanted! My husband thought I was funny last night when I was transferring my needles while sighing with contentment.
  • Other stuff?
  • We have scheduled a long-anticipated trip to Chicago to visit the Erins! I can't wait!
  • Facebook has made me face some really interesting personal issues...such as the fact that I didn't realize how badly I needed to be forever 18 to certain people. No need to share the full neurosis...but I can say it's allowed for some interesting introspection.
  • I dreamt last night that vampires were after my girls. It was really odd...especially when we got to the part where a friend was laying eggs.

I think that means we've now wandered into crazy town and it's time to wrap this up for this week.

Have a great week everyone!


Anne said...

Can't wait to see your lace yarns! Bet they are gorgeous.

And you know... I'm all for the random number generator when deciding what to do next if I'm stumped. I like how it throws the decision out to the cosmos.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Love, loved 'total eclipse of the heart'!!!

First, thanks so much for the Mother's Day card! It made my day.

I routinely order my own gifts - I ordered myself a Lisa Leonard necklace for Christmas! (I'd love to see a photo of yours.)

I'm so glad your Mother's day was fantastic and I'm glad your cat is ok.

Happy Wednesday!