Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Meanderings

  • I survived my single-parent weekend with my sanity intact!
  • Actually, it was quite a nice weekend. Of course, it helped that the Princess had a birthday party Saturday AM and then my mother-in-law (Fabulous woman!) took the girls for a few hours that afternoon. Still, it was very nice, and no one fought or was ugly at all.
  • Our highlights included - watching Mamma Mia in my bed on Saturday night with nachos for dinner and going to see How To Train Your Dragon on Sunday.
  • I used to dream about flying with dragons....and the movie made my heart soar with those memories.
  • Where was my husband? Gateway to the Geek in St. Louis - a board game convention organized by some friends of ours. He had a blast!
  • I'm really glad that he had fun, but I'll admit I'm tired. This was the third weekend in a row that I've been the primary parent, and the second that I've been a single-parent.
  • Now that I no longer need to spend all of my spare change on my trainer (who is going on maternity leave soon anyway) I am going to start looking into some sort of mini-vacation for myself. I think I both deserve and need it.
  • By the way, that birthday party? Two words - roller rink. It was her first time, and she has been begging to go back every since. I, on the other hand, am not quite over the time warp back to my childhood in the 80's.
  • Check outside....pigs may be flying. Why? I finally signed up for a Facebook account.
  • I swore I would NEVER do that.
  • Never say never.
  • We are totally hooked on Green Monsters. Drink 'em every day now.
  • My husband says it's the best thing I've ever found online....
  • I stayed off of my foot for most of last week. I think I'm certain I didn't break anything....but it did ache a lot, especially in the afternoons and evenings.
  • When I did go to the gym, I used the stationary bike to be on the safe side.
  • I really hate the exercise bike.
  • Why is it that I can run for literally hours on the treadmill, but can't stand the exercise bike? Makes no sense.
  • Good news - my trainer started pushing me again last week. I've missed feeling so tough and strong! Makes me feel like a bad a**!!!
  • Most fun I had last week? Riding bikes up and down the street with the Pixie. She's so cute on her wee trike! I used the time to practice bike handling - so it was useful as well as fun.
  • The least fun I had last week? Trying to sleep after having my traditional mocha Wednesday night. Apparently my diet has shifted enough that the amount of sugar in that thing is now enough to keep me up all night. That's both good and sad.
  • Under the category of 'taking care of myself' I decided to skip out on my PEO meeting this week...which will mean I won't have PEO again until August. (There's only one more meeting before the summer break, and it's a luncheon which I don't ever attend anyway because of babysitting issues.) I haven't gone since I passed the reigns over to the new president, and honestly I'm glad of that. I needed a break...and the PEO nightmares I've been having show just how true that is.
  • Besides, even though I'm feeling better all of the time, I'm still fading by 8ish every evening. There's no way I could make it through a meeting (usually ends around 9, home by 10) and still function the next day.
  • Child-sized carts at HyVee = a blessing and a curse.
  • After writing last week about the horrible alpaca fiber, I decided to contact the farm and let them know about my experiences. They did respond, and they offered to give me new fiber to try to change my mind about their product. I, however, chose to decline their offer.
  • Why? She wanted me to spin the new stuff immediately because it was her position that the fiber couldn't be stored for any amount of time because it was so soft it would go bad. There is no way I can promise to spin something up immediately - given my life and all of the other projects I have going.
  • Also, there was a lot going on with that fiber that could in no way be blamed on storage, and I will admit I was a bit put-off by the fact that she couldn't seem to accept that.
  • And I may be rather averse to spinning alpaca anyway. Something happened to me while judging that show, and I just can't stand the stuff anymore.
  • I think it's the smell. Alpacas are matter how well they are washed.
  • Incidentally, I have another silk/suri blend in my stash that's older than the bad alpaca was...and it's just fine. So is the 20+ year old giant angora rabbit in my basement.
  • My husband is outside playing 'baseball' with the girls as I write this. (Sunday evening) They sound like they are having a wonderful time - with lots of laughter and happy screams. Talk about making my heart soar!
  • I need to either ply some singles, or buy more bobbins. (I hate taking singles off of the bobbins for storage, even though I know people do it all of the time. When I've done it, I've had problems plying the singles later on.)
  • All I seem to want to do right now is spin beautiful fiber and knit gorgeous lace. What a life to have so much luxury literally at my fingertips!

Have a Great Week Everyone!


Clefton Twain said...

I was at "Geekway to the West". :) And it was definitely a lot of fun!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Happy Monday Kristin!