Friday, May 21, 2010

A List Of Things In My Closet Which I Should Probably Get Rid Of

How's that for a title?

As my energy levels seem to be coming up...and as it just needed to be done...I've found myself engaging in some serious Spring Cleaning over the last couple of days. My husband did the actual scrubbing some weeks ago, and so what I find myself doing is the general clutter clean up and junk purging.

I'm trying to be very tough - knowing that I will feel better when I clear the junk out of our home and out of my head space - but it's sometimes hard to let go. With that in mind, here's a list of things I'm agonizing over a bit.

  1. All of my tatting supplies. Truth time - I've not tatted for years as I discovered that I greatly prefer knitting my lace. Plus, tatting stresses me out...and is kind of boring.
  2. A box of art supplies from FAO Schwarz. I worked there, and this was a damaged box that I got for cheap. I've never fixed the box, and have never given the art supplies to the girls.
  3. The paint set I was given my my co-workers when I was a fundraiser.
  4. A bag filled with my dance clothes and shoes. I haven't danced since I was 19. Keeping the shoes...tossing the the bag to the girls.
  5. Another box of random craft supplies - including my rubber stamps for velvet embossing. Haven't done that since shortly after I moved into this house (about 8 years ago) and in fact, haven't touched anything else in the box either. I got rid of the box - an ugly, old purple, plastic holdover from the 80's - and I compromised by clearing about half of the random craft stuff.
  6. My failed Hanna Falkenburg Sweater. It looks hideous on me. Have sent email to my SIL, who might like it. If she doesn't - away it goes!)
  7. The Amy Butler bag that didn't quite work out.
  8. Two pair of sexy black evening shoes...that don't fit. (I was desperate, and have often had to deal with painful feet to get decent shoes.)
  9. My old prom and courtwarming dresses. Sigh.
  10. My violin. I don't play. It's a long story.
  11. The two dishtowel bags I made a couple of summers ago - and never use because I like a more structured bag.
  12. In fact, there are several bags I could stand to part with.
  13. All of my knitting magazines.
  14. The little tin cones (wall decorations) which I bought on sale probably 8 years ago and never put up.
  15. A pile of picture frames. Half gone!
  16. The Princess's nursery clock - long broken.

Do you know what's going to be even worse?

Our storage area in the basement. I hit that when the girls go to camp Grandma and Grampa this summer.

PS. Items in italics have already been carted out to the Salvation Army pile. I can't stand garage bothers me to watch people pick through my stuff, and I'd rather just get rid of it!


Anne said...

Nothing wrong with spring purging. Sounds like you'll feel better when it's all gone anyhow.

Could the Amy Butler bag be repurposed for the fabric? I love her fabrics. It might be worth it?

Bonnie said...

It always feels good to get rid of stuff that's no longer useful, and thanks to Salvation Army, somebody else can benefit from it. It's a win-win!

Alissia said...

I totally agree about the Salvation Army thing...the SA gets the income and someone else gets an awesome score, because who hasn't needed that before?

Shelda said...

Wow! Good for you. I need to do likewise. (but you knew that already!)

A Day That is Dessert said...

It's nice that you made a list - somehow, it seems easier to part with things if they're remembered somehow, no? I felt kind of sad reading about them all. Good job with your spring cleaning - it must feel great to be making such headway!

Kelley Petkun said...

Wow! I am so impressed! And, your timing couldn't be better. I've been working on "de-cluttering", "de-stashing", whatever, for several weeks. But, my husband will be on a business trip all next week and I am going to tackle...


Well, that should be interesting.

Paula said...

I can't stand garage sales either. I can't stand pricing things. The last garage sale we had was to get rid of baby things so that tells you how long ago it was. I would rather donate items to a charity. Plus, once I decide to get rid of it, I want it GONE!