Monday, April 28, 2008

Mondays are for Lists!

Creative Goals for the week:
  1. Extreme knitting on the Frolicking Shamrock socks. Will there be enough yarn? Who knew that sock knitting could be filled with so much excitement! edited to add - Yes, there was enough yarn, but just barely. After an emergency trip to the yarn store to pick up their last skein in this color, I finished the sock with just 6 grams to spare. If I was using this yarn for someone else, I would definitely buy three skeins. It could possibly be the first time I've been grateful for short feet.
  2. Spend time outside every day.
  3. Clean the house. (I know it doesn't seem like this should go on this list, but it does. The mess is becoming very distracting.)
  4. Finish 1/2 of the secret knitting project.
  5. Write one letter
  6. Go to bed earlier at night. I've been rediculously tired, and it's draining my creative energy.

My creative goal list is very short this week, in large part because of some responsibilities I have for my P.E.O. meeting Thursday night. That has to be my priority this week.

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