Monday, February 15, 2016

Progress Report

About a year ago I shared the following pictures with you - my stash, in all of it's glory:
 My sock yarns
 My laceweight.
 Potential sweaters
 That mountain of palette (this picture doesn't do it justice)
And my handspun.
It was the stash toss to end all stash tosses.  I fell in love with my yarn all over again, and I challenged myself to see just how much of it I could knit up in 2015.
My original intent was to check back in with that project at the end of December, but I decided to give it until February so that it would more accurately reflect a year of work.
SO...I tried to recreate the pictures to show the progress....and here they are in reverse order.
I am delighted that I actually made a dent in my handspun yarn.  A hat and a scarf might not seem much, but they were a pleasure to knit and as they were made out of bulky yarn it did make a dent in the stash.
 I said last year that the picture of my Palette yarn didn't do it justice.  I made TWO blankets out of it this year...and this is how much I have left.  I am quite pleased with my progress here.

I'm also pleased with my progress on the potential sweater yarn.  I made one sweater for myself and a baby surprise jacket.  Not seen in the original picture was a batch of yarn I'd bought years ago and had given to my mom.  She didn't really want it, so I took it back...and later this week there will be another new sweater post for me!  I also gifted the red yarn to my aunt.  It was leftover from multiple projects, and I was just done with it.

Even better, I've made solid plans for four more sweaters from this pile this year - including a couple of summer shells.  So exciting to find uses for this!
I put a dent in the laceweight yarn - two shawls, which for me is a huge reduction in the amount of lace I usually knit.  Ah well.

The kicker is that last year when I did the original post I'd put this lace yarn in the donations bin....and just before we carted all of that stuff off I pulled it out to keep.  Sigh.
The big kicker is the sock yarn....sort of.
From the original picture, this is all that's left that hasn't been attached to a project yet.

And while I did knit up a lot with it...this hasn't been touched yet, but is designated for specific projects over the next few months.

 Ahem.  I did buy a bit of sock yarn last year, but not much.  (and some went straight into a project)  The red you see actually is from the same batch as the red in the undesignated sock yarn picture.  I had bought four skeins years ago, eventually sold half to my BKB, and recently took it back so that I could use it for a substantial project.  Having yarn come home seems to be a minor theme this year.
And then this happened.  One of my favorite online resources put my favorite sock yarn - Opal - on a massive sale.  While in general I still want to work the stash down as much as is humanly possible, this is definitely a yarn I don't mind having on hand for a variety of reasons....and the sale was just too darn good to pass up.  I won't need to buy sock yarn again for another couple of years.
Looking back in the year since I made that vow, I used my stash to make:
2 blankets
2 shawls
8 pair of socks
3 gifts
2 sweaters
4 warm things (hat/scarf/mittens)
I bought yarn for:
1 sweater
2 small gifts
1 large gift
I'm pretty pleased with those results!  I'm also very happy about the fact that I happily have plans for so much more of the yarn that I own.  In fact, at this point there are absolutely no plans to buy anymore yarn this year!
Let's see how far I can get in another 12 months!

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