Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stating My Intentions Publicly

I'm finally....
designing my own lace.
And if I tell you all now, I can't worm out of it later.
Those of you who know me and who know lace shawls will easily recognize this as being an Elizabeth Zimmerman pi shawl.  I chose it as the basic structure for my first design attempt for very simple reasons.  First, I adore knitting circles, and the mathematics of this particular shawl structure appeal strongly to me.  Second, it's a relatively easy design to plug lace patterns into - making it a nonthreatening sort of basis to build my first shawl on.
The that's the truly special part....the yarn is hand spun....YUM!
That's all I will share for now.  Hopefully I'll have a gorgeous shawl to show off soon!

PS.  Clearly the Green Woman and I have made up.  She's sitting in my orange chair right now, leafing through my gazillion stitch pattern books for some inspiration.


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Wowzer! A circle (no surprise there), but designing your own lace and knitting with handspun (which I'm assuming is your own spinning). You go!