Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Spring....We Spin

Let's play a game!
You pick what I spin next...leave your selection in the comments!
1. Some sort of blend...I lost the label
2. Merino/Tencel
3. Merino/Tencel

4. Blend with blue sparkly stuff

5. Merino/Bamboo/Nylon

6. Merino/Tencel

7. Merino/Tencel

8. Merino/Tencel

9. Merino

10. Merino/Silk

11. Shetland

12. Silk

13. Silk/Merino?
14. Merino/Silk

15. Silk

16. Milk Silk

17. Merino

18. Wool/Angora Bunny

19. Jacob


margene said...

#16. Love the colors and I'd love to hear your comments on spinning milk silk.

Anonymous said...

I really like 13 and 14. It's all about the colors for me but the silk blend should have a good hand. That being said, I don't spin so what would I know.