Sunday, November 11, 2012

Molly Dolls!

 This is a long-overdue apologies to my girls!
 They wanted me to share their creativity with you...which is something I try to do as often as possible anyway.  Art is VERY important in this house. 
The weekend of my high school reunion, the girls had to give up something they love very much - our school's annual fall festival, the Stallion Stampede.  They were troopers about it, but we knew they were disappointed so we tried to make sure they had as much fun as possible that weekend.
The girls fell in love with the Molly Dolls at Molly Roberts Studio a year ago.  At first there was lots of begging for us to buy them their own dolls...but at some point they decided they wanted to MAKE their own dolls.  (Such great kids!)  Molly graciously agreed to do a private class with them...and fortunately she was available the day of my reunion.
And aren't they fabulous?!
The girls had a great time, and their Molly Dolls are now treasured toys.
Plus, they want to make more!

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Bonnie said...

Awesome dolls! I love their pink and purple hair.