Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kid Stuff!

Thought I would share some kid pictures from several recent events.
 Tanith's first ever piano recital.
She was SOOOO very excited!
This is my girl who LOVES music...and who, I suspect, has a great deal of talent.
 It was Gillian's third recital,
and we are so very excited because she's finally playing recognizable music!
Her selection for the recital - Night On Bald Mountain.
 Of course....Halloween.
 Gillian did her pumpkin all by herself this year!
She's better with knives than her mother....
 Tanith was a diva.
Note the mirror ball earings and singer's headset.
 Gillian was Bloom from the W.I.N.X. fairies.
Sooo pretty!
 The husband gets counted as a kid on Halloween, too.
Apparently he's a video game character....nerd.
 Girls On the Run, fall 2012 Celebration Run!
 She can't wait until she's old enough to join in the fun.
Dad and his favorite running partner!
They completed the 5K in 33 minutes...which I personally think is insanely fast!

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Lecia said...

33 minutes IS insanely fast! Great job!

Love this happy set of photos.