Monday, November 26, 2012

Blog, Interrupted

Hello All!

No worries...nothing dastardly has happened at Chez Green Woman.  Life has just been rather busy lately, and sadly the blog has paid the price..  A smidgen of my month goes as follows:
  • I've been working like crazy on secret Christmas projects....which can't be discussed on the blog until after they are gifted.  Booo...
  • Early this month my friend Janet lost her battle with an aggressive form of breast cancer.  I was very honored when her husband asked me to speak at her memorial service...and while I was happy to share my memories of our special friendship the experience did rather knock the stuffing out of me.  I've been giving myself some time to grieve.  She deserves every tear.
  • A week or so after that I saw a surgeon about my gallbladder, and the long and short of it is that I'm having the blasted thing removed on Friday.  I know that this is absolutely the right decision, but I'm still rather nervous and that makes me not much fun.
  • On a happier note, we discovered during parent-teacher conferences that both of our children are brilliant! 
  • Also, we hosted Thanksgiving this year - much to our children's great delight.  Sean and I have officially voted it our most favorite Thanksgiving EVER!  (Bonus for me: I convinced his whole family the Brussels Sprouts are wonderful.)
In other news, I've used up all of my free photo storage with google, and am trying to figure out what to do about that.  On the one hand, even though the monthly fee is nominal I'm not crazy about having to set up a monthly payment for anything.  On the other hand, my blog would be pretty worthless without photos and as of this week I can't add any more pictures to it without buying more storage.  What to do....what to do....

Truth be told, blogging is likely to be spotty for a while.  While I'm not anticipating a difficult recovery, I have been warned that I'm likely to be rather on the exhausted side for at least a few weeks.  SO, please hang in there with me!  I promise I'm not disappearing and will be back to regular blogging just as soon as I am able!  


Bonnie said...

Good luck with the surgery. Hope it goes smoothly!

For photos, I recommend Flickr.

Anonymous said...

I had a "medical vacation" earlier this fall. I spent the entire time watching trashy TV and knitting. It was rather enjoyable.

May you find peace during your recovery.
Be well.