Thursday, October 13, 2011

Things I DIDN'T Do On Our Vacation

  1. Freak out on the airplane.  My acting skills are obviously improving.  I still hate airplanes, but I can tolerate them now...and as with the tornadoes, I'm proud of the fact that my girls have no idea of exactly how much they terrify me.
  2. Knit a single stitch.  Seriously.  I took two projects, and didn't touch either all week long.  I keep telling you all that while I enjoy knitting I don't necessarily knit for fun.  Lest you think I was just too busy...there would have been plenty of time.
  3. Worry about my food/allergies/health/appearance in general.  Rather nice to not think about all of that stuff for a week, actually. 
  4. Avoid pictures.  This is rather new for me.  In fact, I jumped in front of every Disney photo pass photographer I found!  LOVE those people! 
  5. Plan too much.  We had basic dinner reservations for our dining plan, but other than that we went where we wanted, when we wanted.  It works for us.  Over scheduling a vacation seems counterintuitive.
  6. Get upset over losing my (rather pricey and sentimentally important) troll bead bracelet on our last day in the parks.  Gram always said you shouldn't cry over things that money can replace - and while we can't afford to replace it just now, it's loss in no way diminishes how wonderful the rest of the trip was.  I'm just not upset about it at all.

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A Day That is Dessert said...

I'm so glad your trip was so good, and that you're in such a good space!