Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, Monday...Again!

  • No, I did crawl under a rock or fall down a rabbit hole last week.
  • I did, however, have a bit of a relapse with the pneumonia....and spent much of the week as a coughing mess. 
  • Yuck. 
  • Some good news!  My personal trainer did an evaluation at our last appointment, and I made considerable progress with overall strength.  I love having muscles. 
  • More good news!  My Princess ran for the student senate last week and won!  She wrote a pretty amazing speech (all by herself) and created a poster for her campaign.  We are very proud.  I'm not entirely sure what an elementary student senate does....but I'm not at all surprised she wanted to be a part of it.  My girl is a natural-born leader.
  • Even more good news!  The Pixie and I read a book together for the first time over the weekend.  She managed most of the words on her own!  I LOVE this stage.  It's so much fun to watch your children discover they can read all by themselves....and to see the whole world open up to them in a brand new way.
  • The Boy and I are in a bit of a stand-off over food.  I refuse to let him live on a diet of all-brown and white.  He refuses almost all fruits, veggies and meats.  Project sneaky babysitter begins this week.  What he doesn't know about what I sneak into his food....His mom and I are plotting.  Love him like crazy, and I want to make sure he has the best nutrition possible.
  • Meanwhile, the Cupcake has discovered she can climb...and boy is she proud of herself.  Keeps me hopping! 
  • Oh, and last week I discovered the Cupcake standing in the dog water bowl, soaking wet up to her knees and laughing with great joy.  It was pretty funny, and we've been laughing about it since. 
  • My husband's Halloween decorations have gone to completely new places this year. 
  • Wow. 
  • Come Christmas there won't be anything out front...but you should see our entryway now.  He's planning on taking the girls to look for MORE decorations this week.  I just smile and nod, happy that they are so happy.
  • We had mild frost last week!  Two days of weirdly high temps, and the colder weather should set in.  Yay!  Death to all ragweed!  Hello to warm woolies! 
  • I know...I'm nuts when it comes to the cold weather.  It's just so much easier to warm up than it is to cool off.
Have a great week everyone!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

Congrats on all the good news! And it sounds like your house is the place to trick or treat!!

I hope you continue to be on the mend.

I love frost, too.

Happy Monday - Happy Halloween!