Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

Herc checking out the wethers through the fence. 
They are jealous of his spiffy, wool-protecting coat.
  • The weather is cooling off, and frost is predicted for this week!  I am a happy, happy girl!
  • I want wool, coffee, pumpkin muffins and more wool.  I will get wool, tea, whatever fruit I can find and more wool.  It's all good. 
  • I got a new sock book in the mail last week, and immediately started working on one of it's patterns.  More on that later this week...for now, just know that I am in love with the project.
  • I did order new needles for my Princess, and until they arrive it's on hold.
  • Today I had my last appointment with my trainer.  Sean has said I should hire her for more training since my time with her was made less effective by the pneumonia that rampaged through our house - forcing me to stay home for most of last month.  We'll see.  With the holidays coming, and having just been on vacation I don't know that I can justify the expense. 
  • Ditto for the hair.  I really, REALLY want red hair again...but the upkeep is prohibitive.  (Red fades considerably faster than any other color, and I would need to go in monthly.)
  • My eldest child had a big disappointment this weekend, and I'm in full mama-bear mode.
  • My littlest is proving to be a night-owl just like Daddy.  Big sigh.
  • My husband shaved for the last time yesterday until January.  Yay!  I love beard season! 
  • Last night I had a dream that was so obvious in it's symbolism that I almost have to laugh.  Normally my dreams aren't quite so blunt.  However, it is rather unusual for a new motif to show up in my dreams, so it will get some thought this week.
Have a great week everyone!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

I hope you get that frost! And oy - a night owl is a hard one. Cal has those tendencies, too; Abbott is up before dawn. Have a great week Kristin. xo