Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recalled To Life

Umm....poor thing?

While part of me feels compelled to issue a long statement which explains why I've not been blogging very much lately in great detail, I think instead I'll just keep it simple.

Life has been busy, and I've needed to focus my energy elsewhere. I've missed my blog, though, and am hoping to be back to more frequent posts as of now.

As it's been a while, here's some random!


  • There is a finished shawl in my bathroom, waiting to be washed and blocked.

  • I don't particularly like knitting the uber-famous Monkey socks.

  • I also am done knitting socks on 2.0 mm needles.

  • I've been knitting a lot of lace lately. It's been necessary for my own peace of mind.

  • Funny, that. I'm a person who needs massively complicated in order to find sanity.


  • We've had some important firsts in the last month.

  • The Princess was baptized on the 10th of April.

  • She took her first communion today.

  • Princess also performed in her first piano recital today, doing extraordinarily well for someone who's only been taking lessons for about 5 months.

  • It's clear that she has an aptitude and/or the talent that her mother most certainly does NOT have when it comes to music.

  • My husband landscaped our front yard. I did not help. It would have ruined our marriage if I had tried. (Trust me.)

  • I am very proud of him!

  • I don't have much news of the Pixie....when I think of something I'll be sure to share.

The Royal Wedding (bet you weren't expecting that one, were you?!):

  • I seriously could have done without the weeks and weeks of build up.

  • I had no intention to get up at 3 AM to watch the whole shebang. I had planned on maybe getting up at 5 for the ceremony....but it was more likely that I would have watched any of the gazillion recaps.

  • However, I had a massive bout of insomnia that night. When I found myself still awake at 2:45, I decided I might as well get up.

  • I'm glad I did!

  • It was a lot of fun, and I did wake the Princess for about 30 minutes so that she could see the important parts.

  • While The Duchess certainly looked beautiful, I still think my wedding dress is the most beautiful dress ever made.

  • I will say that I have enjoyed greatly all of the articles about the embroidery and lace work done on the dress. It's good to know that there are still master artists creating beautiful, magical things.

  • By the way, I think I missed my calling. I perhaps should have been a British milliner.

  • I want a fascinator....


  • My running career - indeed my entire exercise career - is currently on hold.

  • I will perhaps be helping to organize a support group for adults with food allergies sometime in the near future. I've also volunteered my writing skills to my allergist, and there are several possibilities there.

  • Incidentally, I've discovered over the last few weeks just how wonderful my allergy drops are. I'm not sick at all, and the pollen and mold counts have been off the charts this spring.

  • Having made fun of my mother's cat for years because the poor thing has "Starvation Syndrome" (Yes, it's some point the cat has been seriously deprived and when food is then made available they can't stop themselves from eating.) which has turned her into the roundest cat I've ever seen, I find myself having to eat my hat because....

  • Opal has the same problem.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

I'm sorry to hear about your exercise life being on hold.

Congrats to the Princess!

Hope you'll show us pictures of the landscaping...

xo Lecia