Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fit For A Princess

Ordinarily, I would have tried to get some nice photos of the Princess wearing her shawl...but as soon as the blocking pins were pulled the child claimed it and I haven't seen it since. This particular shawl was a special request. My first Damson was claimed by the Pixie, and my Princess wanted one as well. (You would think they were around someone who wears shawls all of the time, the way they carry on....ahem.)
I did the first Damson on a size 6 needle with an exaggerated loose hold. The second was done on an 8, and that exaggerated hold just kind of happened. It therefor wound up being considerably bigger. (To be fair, the little one has been worn a lot and I haven't reblocked it. This photo is thus not quite an accurate comparison.)

I should have taken measurements before I let the Princess whisk it away...but I didn't, and so you just have to look at it against the couch for a decent idea.

If I ever catch the child wearing it, I'll take a picture.

Claudia Hand Paints fingering yarn in Strawberry Latte - 4 skeins*

Addi Turbo - US 8

April 13-16, 2011

Yes, it was that fast!

And by the way, I still absolutely LOVE the edging and bind off for this shawl. Not only does it look great, but it also is a perfect way to get a nice, stretchy edging on the shawl.

*The yarn has been a thorn in my side for years. When my LYS started carrying Claudia I fell head over heels for the colors and bought a LOT of it. Then I made a pair of socks...and within two washings the color had bled so badly that it was almost unrecognizable. A shawl followed shortly thereafter, in a deep brown that stained my hands badly during the knitting process. I took most of the yarn back to the store, and they graciously exchanged it for me. This particular batch, though, I'd had longer than the rest and I didn't want to take advantage of the store's generosity. SO, I've been holding on to it for years, knowing it had to be a shawl so that it wouldn't be washed but once or twice that way and yet also aware of the fact that there was too much variegation in the colorway for lace. Damson was a perfect solution!


Paula said...

I love the edging on Damson also. Beautiful shawl. Yours looks quite large!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Beautiful work!