Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Monday List

First of all, I can't believe I didn't make time yesterday to do my list! No, I didn't forget...I was just so focused on the things that I was working on that every time I thought about it I pushed it aside for 'later.' Silly me!

Last week was an interesting week for me - very productive, constantly changing, oddly focused and yet distracted at the same time...

The wrap-up:
1. & 2. Last Thursday and Friday we had (as did everyone!) a nasty cold snap. Because of the frighteningly cold weather, I did cancel our P.E.O. meeting. Some cleaning was done, and I did get complete most of my presidential duties....but once I made the decision to cancel I let go of my expectations for those two things.
3. & 4. I had a great time at my guild meeting last week! I did find all of my knits to take with me, and I finished the last little bit of my sleeve minutes before it was my turn to do show and tell that evening. I'm waiting for buttons to arrive - which they will hopefully do today - and then I will debut my new sweater here!
5. I did make some art last week! It was loads of fun, and as soon as I can get it scanned in than I will post about it.
6. & 7. I did order new hand cards last Tuesday, and they are sitting on my table now. Likewise, I also began my work as the Spin Off judge on Saturday. I am having a lot of fun, and am learning a great deal in the process. I've set myself a schedule that should get me through the entire process in a timely, steady manner. Yay!
8.,9. & 10. My BKB was right...my crazy weight gain wasn't entirely right. By Friday AM nearly 6 of that had disappeared - which means it was probably mostly water. Sadly, I didn't get my exercise plan jump started last week, nor did I manage to get out of bed once to do my morning routine. However, I made some basic changes that seem to be helping already, and I feel a lot better this morning. I also didn't manage to call my acupuncturist...but I did talk to my husband about my winter blues, and I did make it a point to listen every day to my new guided imagery mp3 (which is already helping!). We're starting off this week in a much better place.

And for this week:
  1. In order to stay on track with my judging schedule, I need to finish my initial evaluation of all of the samples by Friday. Shouldn't be a problem!
  2. I'm in a super-fast knitting zone for some reason. I started my husband's Cobblestone pullover last Wednesday, and am already finished with the body up to the underarms. (Seriously...I did six inches yesterday and almost four the day before...) I want to keep it going as long as possible!
  3. However, I also want to get some lacework done this week. I haven't decided exactly what kind of lace I want to work on...but I'm getting the itch.
  4. More ART! Last week was fun....and I really must blog about what I'm learning about myself.
  5. More WRITING! I want to ease back into the writing habit by writing one letter this week. I used to be quite the letter writer, and I miss it!
  6. My morning schedule must be rebuilt. It felt VERY good this morning. to be up and doing the things that I know give me the best start to my day. It's simple - up at 6, do sun salutations while waiting for tea, go downstairs to journal until my husband leaves for work.
  7. Along with that, I need to start taking better care of my bedtimes. No sugar before bed, in bed at a reasonable time, lights out when I'm tired...no excuses.
  8. Another good health goal for the week: I need to call Sears today to set an appointment to get our treadmill fixed. I also need to look into getting new workout clothes. I'll tell you why later on.....
  9. I do actually have P.E.O. work that needs to be done on top of all of this fun stuff.
  10. Likewise, I think it's time to finally attack my eldest's bedroom with an eye towards complete organization. (or as much as you can expect in a six-year-old's room...)

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A Day That Is Dessert said...

Great list! And encouraging to hear that the holiday "extras" weren't actually all there. I'm glad you had a chance to do some art!