Monday, January 12, 2009

The Monday List

The first bird on the Princess's new bird feeder!

It's been a while since we've had a Monday List, and I am definitely feeling the need to get this particular organizational tool going again. We're starting fresh for the new year, so here goes!
  1. Clean, clean, clean....I'm hosting P.E.O. Thursday night, and so the entire upstairs needs to be spotless - including the bedrooms, as they will be needed for coats and other aspects of the meeting.
  2. Speaking of P.E.O., I have a bit of presidential work to do for it this week. Eeek!
  3. On a much more fun note, I do have my CWSG guild meeting tomorrow night. I didn't get to go last month because of the flu, so I have a whole bunch of knits to round up so that I can take them and show them off. I also need to return some books to the guild library.
  4. I have a very fast sleeve and a half to finish on my first sweater for the year...and I believe I have time to get it done before the guild meeting!
  5. Because it will be fun, and because I think I need to do it - I am hereby giving myself full permission to make a complete mess with all of my art supplies this week. I'm going to let myself have fun and make really bad art just to try it all out! Who knows what will happen? At the very least, I'm hoping to loosen myself up enough to just get started.
  6. I need to research and order new hand cards for my judging job.
  7. And I need to get to work on that job. I have a good amount of time to get it done....but the sooner I start the more time I have to actually work on it. I'm super-excited about this job, and I really want to do my absolute best. I'm probably going to get started on Friday - once I get past my other meetings and responsibilities this week.
  8. Time to face the music - I gained 13 lbs over the holiday season (starting just after the flu I had the second week in December) and I feel lousy. My goal this week is to jump start my exercise plan. I may take the time later this week to discuss my actual health plan here on the blog - in large part because of the accountability that gives me - but we shall see. For now, the most important thing is that I get moving...and so I shall
  9. Along with that, I have to pull myself out of bed early in the morning for my alone time with my journal. I really need that time, and yet I've been choosing not to take it for really bad, silly reasons. Enough is enough...I know I'll feel better for it.
  10. Finally, I am going to call and make an appointment for an acupuncture appointment. I promised that I would do just that if I felt that I needed a bit of a tune-up, and I know that's where I'm at right now.

Have a great week everyone!


Margene said...

You have quite a week ahead. A mess with art supplies sounds like a load of fun!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I wish you focus and determination with your tasks at hand this week!!

Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Good plans, girl! You can do it!