Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Second Gift

Early Sunday morning, my husband and I were able to sneak away to Watkins Mill State Park. Last summer, we spent as many weekends as we could training for our half and full marathon around this lake. The trail is 3.8 miles of gentle hills, and much of it is either under shade and/or receives a breeze from the lake. It was the perfect place to train during a long, hot summer.
And I fell back in love.
When I was in high school, I worked at the historic site. Every morning and evening I felt a sense of peace as I drove through the park on my way to and from the most satisfying job I've ever had.
I had four summers there before my college life pulled me away.
Four years was enough, though, for me to give my entire heart and soul to this place. My high school boyfriend once said that it was the only place he ever saw me relax completely...and I think that might still be a little bit true. I know that I always feel like I'm coming home as soon as we cross through the gates.
My favorite place on the trail is this spot. You come through a long stretch back in the woods up and around a corner. All of the sudden the trail opens up to sun and air and water.
I always stop here to drink in the view, to breath deeply and to feel alive.
Thank You.

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Paula said...

A place like this, with water and trees and cool places, is truly a gift. Beautiful! I can understand why your heart is at peace here.