Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Flip Side

As promised, there is a silver lining to yesterday's post.

Simply put, none of my rantings really matter all that much because I do find intense pleasure in knitting plain socks. Sock knitting has become my 'mindless' knitting, and is a much needed respite from all of the intricate lace I tend towards. Round and round and round I go, with little breaks for heels and toes. They're just enough to help mark progress and keep my interest. The process itself is just about as close as I come to meditative knitting. The end result - humble, practical, warm and snug - brings great satisfaction for a job well done.

I think perhaps my frustration comes more from a sense that I 'ought' to be making fancier socks...that I 'should' be using all of those pattern books. Even if I'm not happy with the patterns as written, I'm certainly smart enough to write my own. God knows I'm an expert at rewriting patterns. (and the small voice in my head screams, 'but I don't wanna!")

The Green Woman knows better, though, and rolls her eyes at the 'oughts' and 'shoulds.' They are no fun, and frequently get us in trouble. If you don't want to do it..she might say...than just don't. Knit what you want, and have fun.

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