Sunday, January 1, 2017

About Those 2017 Resolutions...

I don't really make resolutions because resolutions are made to be broken.  Often, they are too grand and don't include an actual plan.  Made on January 1, discarded by January 14.  It's just too much.

But....I do love the new beginning of New Year's Day.  I love that time to reflect and make a fresh start.  The possibilities are endless, and the hope of a new and better year ahead is exciting!

And so instead I make a goal list, knowing full well that when I look back at the end of the year I will find mixed success.  I will succeed with some things, fail at some, and see mixed progress with the rest....and that's ok.  Life is unpredictable, and my goal lists are meant to be guides, not absolutes.  Looking back at my 2016 goal list was fascinating, and really gave me insight on the year I had.  As a bonus, some unexpected things came from it!

Without further ado, my (publicly shareable*) 2017 goals are:

1.  Continue on with a minimum of 10 books/month
2.  Go back and complete at least one book/month from the unfinished shelf.
3.  Do something about the shelving situation, so that I can pull as many books as possible out of storage and put them on display!

1.  Knit 2-4 garments for myself from existing stash
2.  Christmas ornament knitting throughout the year.
3.  Queen Susan.....and maybe the Shetland Star
4.  Again, continue working down the stash
5.  Do something with my spinning.
6.  Purge my crafty stuff.  It's time.

Health and Wellness:
1.  Add strength training to regular routine.
2.  Add more stretching and/or yoga to regular routine.
3.  Continue on with my hard won good habits, which include my best practices allergy care, making quality sleep a priority, and getting enough water every single day.
4.  (All further exercise/running goals are on hold until I receive clearance from my sports medicine physician to return to exercise following my blasted plantar fascia injury.) 

1.  Put one letter/week into the mail.
2.  Journal often...taking it deeper to help work through some things.
3.  Silent Sundays:  which for me means no movies, tv, or podcasts on Sundays while also limiting internet time.  Books and music are totally allowed (both of which require my devices)
4.  I want to learn more...I just haven't figured out yet what direction that needs to take.

I can't wait to look back at the end of 2017 and see what this list has helped me to accomplish!

*Sorry folks, some things are private!

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