Friday, May 27, 2016

Sunny Days

My girls have been avoiding handknits for a couple of years now, so when my youngest asked me to start making socks 
for her again I jumped at the chance!

Of course, she picked the BRIGHTEST yarn I had in my stash.

Ahem...I kind of screwed up when I finished.  Instead of taking pictures immediately, I gave them to Tanith, who promptly put them on and wore them for the next month and a half.

Soooo...they aren't so bright anymore, but I have a super happy kid!

Basic Socks, Ann Budd
Black Bunny Fibers BFL Sock
Knit Picks Harmony DPN's - US 1. 2.25mm
January 27 - April 11, 2016
68 stitches - 56 rows 2x2 leg, 54 rows foot

1 comment:

Justine Rogers said...

I have finally worn mine through. :( It was a very sad day for me when I took them off the last time. Not gonna' lie...there was a tear.