Saturday, August 1, 2015

My TV Confession

It started innocently enough. 

I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime so that I could get the 2-day shipping on a few items I needed sooner rather than later...and then I forgot to cancel Prime before they charged me for a year of the service.


About a month after this happened I decided that I might as well go ahead and take advantage of all that Prime had to offer...which, of course, includes their streaming video services.  I'm not actually much of a tv or movie person at all, but hey - I'd already paid for it!  So I spent an evening browsing through their catalog, becoming more and more excited as I discovered plenty of old and new movies and tv shows that I might want to watch. 

And I decided to start with....

The X-Files!

Back in the day, I absolutely loved the X-Files.  It was one of the only shows that I watched religiously, and I kept the faith even when the last two or three seasons turned out to be so very bad.  I was super disappointed when the shows were released on DVD because they were priced way too high for me to justif, and as the show has largely not been in rotation on cable I've been X-Filesless for years. 

What could be better than watching all nine seasons straight through?  (I'm kind of nuts that way....)  Especially when we are getting ready for the brand new X-Files they are filming right now??! I started at the beginning, and blasted through the entire first season in less than a week with a childlike glee that my husband found hilarious. 

Some comments:
  1. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson look like they are having a blast - and like they are having trouble taking their job seriously - in the first few episodes.  They can barely keep a straight face!
  2. Seth Greene!  How did I not remember him in this show?!
  3. In episode 9, Mulder and Scully find a man down on the floor, and he yells, "Get a doctor!"  I find this hilarious...
  4. Especially because in the next episode she's a good enough practicing doctor to be commandeered by a local ER to assist. 
  5. She's not a good enough doctor to understand a lot of the medical science that they discuss on the show.  I know, I know....they have to explain it for the audience...but it occasionally makes her look stupid. 
  6. Tooms!
  7. What the heck was up with the wardrobe department?  Gillian Anderson started the series in gorgeous, tailored suits...and finished in the most awful, baggy suits and trenchcoats.  I know it was partly what was fashionable at the time, but the poor woman looks super-frumpy in the last few episodes.  We won't even talk about her hair, which undergoes a similar transition.  I love that she's not hyper-sexualized, and I love that it's her intellect and personality that is showcased.  But still...she doesn't have to look like she's wearing a potato sack!
  8. For supposedly being such a smart guy, Mulder does some really dumb stuff.
  9. Is it just me, or do they act like they are doing a whole lot more cases together than just what we see in the show?
  10. I love that the actors in this show all look like real people. 
  11. True story:  We named our oldest 'Gillian' in part because I really admired Gillian Anderson.  Her middle name was the source of great debate, and we only settled on giving her my middle name, Leigh, after my husband decided to break our 'no naming the kid after anyone' arbitrary rule because he wanted her to share something with her mother.  I looked Gillian Anderson up online after watching a few episodes because I was trying to remember when in the series she'd been pregnant...and I discovered that her middle name is also Leigh.  Blew.  My.  Mind.
  12. I'd heard about an X-Files podcast run by an actor who's going to be in the new series, and decided to check it out.  Now, I have no plans to listen to every show (they do rather run on and on and on), but I did get a few gems from the first episode. 
    1. They pointed out that Mulder and Scully like and trust each other from the very beginning, despite the fact that they are set up to be at odds.  That's pretty rare.
    2. They have obvious chemistry, but the show stays away from the sexual tension that's pretty much expected these days....which led to them being the first ever 'shipped' couple.
    3. The technology in the show is pretty hilarious...but if you think about it, it was done just before the internet became a thing, and that really helped.  The show wouldn't have been near so awesome if they could just google everything. 
And with that, I'll thank you for indulging me.  I won't do this for every season, promise! But I did start watching season two tonight....

*The mystery of the potato sack clothing has possibly been explained.  Gillian Anderson married and became pregnant early on during the run of the show. I knew this, but had thought it came a little bit later on. Her maternity leave was aided through a storyline abduction that began in episode six of the second season.  (She returned two episodes later.)  It's entirely possible that she was starting to show already towards the end of the first season, and they were playing hide the bump with the wardrobe. 

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