Monday, May 4, 2015

The Monday List!

I've had a pretty standard cast of birds at my feeder for years now, so it was rather a shock when someone new showed up last week!  This is a rose-breasted grosbeak.  I truly wish I'd been able to snap a better picture...this is through a dirty window with my phone, and it was all I had at hand.
We're going to start fresh with the list this week.  Super-exciting! 
  1. I have a sermon to write before Sunday.  The very good news is that I had a flash of inspiration in the shower yesterday (I didn't know that actually happened.) and so have the rough outline already.
  2. My husband has been carving out more time for editing/writing lately...and he's just about caught up with the editing work I'd done for him.  I have ten chapters to go, and I need to make a dent in them this week.
  3. Soooo....I bought a new, and very much buzzed about, book about tidying up the home.  (Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.)  This week I would like to read it and get started with my clothes. 
  4. The knitting remains in a weird limbo.  I seriously have barely touched the needles in over a week.  Some of it is good old-fashioned indecision.  Some is a natural break.  Some of it is that I just am not desperately in love with anything right now.  I have some ideas floating around...but nothing that's concrete as of this morning.  My goal for the week is to break through the limbo.  I'm not setting any specifics...merely stating that something needs to happen.
  5. Spinning...spinning...spinning....spring has always been for spinning!
  6. Call Lendrum about my wheel.  No, I haven't done that yet. 
Curiously enough, I think I'm going to leave it at that.  Sometimes less is better, and I hate to plan anything else given how potentially time consuming a couple of the things on the list could be.
Have a great week!

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