Monday, April 20, 2015

The Monday List!

Let's take a looksee at last week, shall we?!
  1. Woo hoo!  I finished the BVC stuff last Monday!  Yay!  This has been a rewarding job over the last two years - if for no other reason than it's a powerful reminder of how awesome people can be - but I'm glad to be moving it on for someone else to take a turn.  (I'll do some of it next year if they need a transitional year...but......)
  2. I DID start the spring cleaning.  Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped...but it's a start, and it feels GREAT!
  3. so the thing is...
  4. I didn't feel real great last week, and I had a lot of stuff going on, so no estimate on the chairs or trip to deliver donations.
  5. may remember from my last post that the decision is that I don't actually want to knit with that yarn....might be talking to/begging some weavers I know to help me use it.
  6. I forgot to talk to my friend about the design KAL  Just flat out forgot.
  7. The art project is on for tonight!  Again...didn't feel well last week so I didn't go get supplies.
  8. No spinning...lots of thinking about it though...and I wound up talking about it a lot. 
  9. Knitting was curious this week.  I actually did more than I thought I would.  Finished a pair of socks and Sean's shark hat. All good.  Feels once again like I'm clearing the decks in prep for something....
  10. There was no ten.  Silly me. 

Ok, this week's list is a touch more difficult to figure out.  Hmmm....How about this....
  1. I want to get that estimate
  2. and get rid of the donations.
  3. and blog about the projects I finished last week
  4. and I want to write some letters - both for the Love Letter Bundles for The World Needs More Love Letters and just because.  (Good for the soul)
  5. and I want to start rebuilding my exercise schedule, which has been woefully missing as of late because of how crummy I've been feeling. 
  6. So here's the thing...I want desperately to be knitting some lace right now, and I've been saying for weeks that it's time to start designing.  So.  I need to make some concrete goals.....including contacting that friend of mine and
  7. Making some basic decisions about shape and style and then
  8. Casting on and working at least the first section.  First one can totally just needs to be done.  (Kind of like writing.) 
  9. In the ongoing quest to use up what I have, I do have some sock yarn that's not right for socks...and I want to make some decisions about that this week.  (Make decisions...not necessarily working.) 
  10. The eternal plan to spin something....if I say it long enough maybe I'll actually do it someday.
Have a great week everyone!

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