Saturday, April 11, 2015

An Ocean For A Baby

 My friends, I'm very happy with this one.
In my ongoing quest to use what I have, I decided to make a second hap shawl out of that drawer full of Knit Picks palette - this time focusing on the leftovers from the Andean Chullos.  (You might remember, I ordered two kits when they went on sale - two kids, two kits - not thinking that one kit would have enough to make four hats at least.)  I have a friend at church who's expecting a baby at the end of the month, and she loves the ocean.  I thought the colors from these kits, as well as the wave pattern would maybe bring a little bit of the ocean to her new babe.
And my, oh my, I am in love.  I think it's perfect.  I hope she does, too.
Shetland Hap, by Sharon Miller
(This time I used the instructions for the Morag shawl as given, including the stripe pattern.)
Addi Turbo US 6, 4.0mm needles - 32 inch and 40 inch.
Knit Picks palette:
4.5 skeins white (I did have to order one extra because I didn't have enough to do the edging)
misc. scraps of cyan, delta, sky, silver and ash
March 19 - April 9, 2015
I think it's time to put the Hap's away for a while.  As much fun as they are, this is two in a row and I have other things to knit.
The funny thing is that I'm planning at least two more this year.  You see, before I made this particular hap I asked my eldest daughter if she wanted me to make it for her because the blues are her favorite colors.  She said no....being somewhat disdainful at the age of 12 of Mom's knits, so I happily knit it for the baby.  She walked into the living room shortly after I had finished blocking it, looked down, and immediately asked me if I could make her one.  Mom really does know best.  Little sister wandered in a few minutes later and wants one too.  They so rarely ask for things anymore that I'm quite happy to make that happen...just not quite yet.