Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sometimes It's Just Not Right

At the end of a morning of knitting this last week, I held up Sean's Christmas Sweater and realized the sleeve looked off.
 Sure enough, when I compared it with one of his favorite shirts, it was clear that the sleeve was way too wide...that in fact it would wind up looking like a puffy sleeve from a poet's blouse if I kept on the way I was going.  Pattern fail!
 Fortunately, I'm an intelligent woman.  It was pretty easy to figure out what needed to happen to fix the problem. 
More importantly, I am a woman who can be ruthless when it comes to her knitting.
 So I ripped out the sleeve that I'd been working on for two weeks....
 Making sure to wind each color as it came free of the sleeve...and keep them in order so that I could reuse them.  (There's not enough yarn left in the original skeins to do two whole sleeves.  Recycling is mandetory on this one.)
I used little stickers to tag them in that order so that they could be safely contained and out of harm's way.  ( other words, where my daughter's cat can't get to them!)
I'll start reknitting the sleeve today.  Basically, I need to double the number of decreases in the sleeve, decreasing every fourth row instead of every seventh, starting 15 rows earlier.
Sean's worth it.
But I admit to being a bit sad.  I had hoped to do some Christmas crafting this year - wee knit angels and bells, maybe some other knit ornaments, for sure some snowflake tatting - and now that I'm having to completely redo the sleeves I'm just not sure that I'm going to have time for that.
It's been a fun project...but I admit at this point that I really rather wish it was done already!