Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Life

As promised, Green Woman Comes Knocking is coming back.  The Green Woman and I agree that it needs to keep going, and quite honestly I'm afraid of what she might do were I to abandon it forever!  (Seriously....living with one's own personal inspirational fairy can be a bit dangerous if one is not paying attention to her as one ought.)

Having said that, she and I agree that there should be a few changes.

From now on, the focus of my blog will be ME!!!!!

OK, I'm not planning for that to be QUITE as selfish as it sounds...but I do need to pull my focus back in and renew my commitment to my creative life.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, for starters I will no longer be posting family news, events or celebrations on the blog.  If you are a family member or a personal friend who would like to continue receiving that sort of information, I urge you to friend me (if you have not already done so) on Facebook.  As I've said, as much as I've enjoyed sharing my family with my blog it has unfortunately watered down my original purpose.  The one caveat is that I will still be sharing my children's creative adventures as I do believe their own wee green girls deserve a voice and do contribute to my blog goals.

I'm done with self-editing.  I had a situation arise a couple of years ago where I received some odd criticism through the comments.  I could tell that it had to be someone who knew me in person because of what was said.  (They specifically referenced certain issues that I NEVER wrote about on my very public blog.)  I refused to publish that comment, but I did allow it to alter how I relate to the world through my blog posts.  One unhappy and hurtful person was allowed to muzzle me, and that simply cannot happen anymore.  Above all, I want to be honest in my blog....the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.  Not only is it disingenuous to continue self-editing as I have been, but I believe it is also hurtful.  No more.

You will continue to find all of my projects here, as well as occasional gratitude lists, personal inspirations and my monthly book review.  Yay!  You will also continue to read of my journey towards better health.  The simple fact of the matter is that we are whole beings - mind, body and soul - and no one part of us can exist in a vacuum.

As I've looked back at my  blog stats over the last couple of years, though, the one thing that is clear is that my personal essays - as unpolished as some of them may have been - have been the most popular posts, receiving both the highest number of site visits as well as the most comments.  I'm a writer.  It's time I claim that title.  My goal over the next year or so is to develop my writing skills, and as part of that personal essays will become more of a regular staple here in the blog.  Fingers crossed....for me this is both a really exciting and also an absolutely terrifying plan!

Hopefully by the end of September I will have overhauled the entire look and layout of the blog to facilitate the changes I want to make, perhaps even creating a routine schedule for the various types of blog posts I want to include.

Hopefully by the end of the year I will have settled into a happy routine.

The Green Woman and I are looking forward to our new beginning....
and we're glad you will be here with us!


Carrie said...

can't wait.

Shelda said...

September always feels like a great time for new beginnings. Will look forward to seeing where you go with this next.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing your voice again.