Saturday, June 29, 2013

Where Intent Meets Real Life

 As you know, I spent the better part of the year working on spinning up the singles for my first ever drop spindle project.
 I recently wound the singles into a plying ball, and had every intent of using a spindle to finish the yarn.  I wanted this to be a start to finish skein of yarn made using my beautiful Golding spindles. 
 However, real life stepped in this afternoon, and I pulled out my wheel.
 The fact of the matter is that in less than 90 minutes I was able to ply the entire batch....a job that would have taken goodness knows how long on the spindle.
Which means now my spindles and wheels are free to move on to other projects!

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Audra said...

You know how to spin, too? That's so awesome! (Forgive me for sounding like a teenager).