Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Blessings

  • Farms
  • Sheep
  • Happy puppies
  • Girls who spend all day outside
  • Perfect spring weather
  • Weird weather which keeps life interesting
  • Colorful birds flocking to the feeders
  • Listening to the girls laughing with Grampa on the front porch...
  • While watching baby calves play
  • Talking craft with Mom
  • Special gifts from Gram
  • Winding down a job that hasn't proven such a good fit after all
  • Gratitude to my family and friends for understanding
  • Simple needlework kits
  • Upcoming allergy tests to hopefully help find some answers
  • Fitting into the much smaller jeans which were tucked away with hope years ago
  • Proof finally seen by my family
  • Loving my new haircut a little bit more each day
  • Lots of new babies

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