Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Handmade Christmas - Part 1, What The Girls Made

 Clay Yarn Bowl
For Mom, From Gillian
(materials are leftovers from Grampa's vile dog)

 Mizzou Pillows
For Doc and Gana, From Both
(the fabric is quite literally the only craft supply I purchased)
 Fish Pillow
For Unkie Erin, From Gillian
(Fish design by Gillian!)
 Knit Jacob Sheep Hats
For Grandpa and Grandma, From Gillian
yarn leftover from 1st year shearing/Grampa's sweater
 Embroidered Dish Towel
For Mom, From Gillian
 Knit Scarf
For Grammie-Great, From Gillian
 Fish Pillow
For Unkie Erin, From Tanith
(She designed her fish as well!)
 Cat Toys in Decorative Box
For Unkie Erin's Cats, From Gillian
 Cat Bed
For Mimi (Grandma's new barn cat), From Gillian
For Grandma, From Tanith
Knit Scarf
For Tanith, From Gillian
Decorative Box (Gillian)
Clay Flower (Tanith)
both for Santa
Not pictured:
Knit Scarf for cousin Molly
mini Molly Doll for the real Molly
Both by Gillian

Customized Travel Coffee Mug for Dad, from both


Alpaca Lady said...

Very nice. That was a lot of work for the girls. How special it is to get a homemade gift.

Shelda said...

I'm gobsmacked by how much they got done. Pretty impressive, and I'm sure the gifts will be treasured.