Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big Things....Or Not

Her royal fluffiness making Herself at home in my knitting basket.
  • I had intended to do a follow up to that last post on the bigger items in my knitting workbasket.
  • However, I soon realized that I can't share those things with you because the big things are mostly gifts for people who usually read this blog.
  • SOooooo.....this is where we'll start being creative with blog content!
  • Some news:
  • My husband is out of town on a business trip. 
  • On the one hand, I hate it when he's gone.  I miss him and I get more than a little bit paranoid (for no good reason) about home security.
  • On the other hand, I freely admit that after the first night I tend to sleep better. 
  • The man snores....and I'm a light sleeper. 
  • We have discovered the joy of FaceTime.  The girls absolutely LOVE it! 
  • I received some very good news on Monday.  My doctor had let me go off of my thyroid pills for a couple of months to test my theory that I didn't really have a thyroid problem.  From day one I had not felt right about those pills, and once I learned about my allergies I suspected that all of my symptoms were caused by a jacked-up immune system.  Looks like I was right!  We ran bloodwork last week, and the test results looked fantastic.  No more thyroid pills for me!  I'll test again in six months just to be sure. 
  • I've spent the last four years working really hard to improve my health, and it's often been a two steps forward, three back sort of journey.  This feels like a really big leap forward, and I can't even describe how happy I am about it!
  • A week or so ago I received an email from Ultramax, listing all of the upcoming races they are working on.  I find myself interested again.....
  • At the very least, our family is going to do the Turkey Trax 5K on Thanksgiving!
  • The girls have been crafting up a storm for a week now.  The house looks a bit like a Halloween themed craft store exploded on it.
  • We will be cleaning tonight. 
  • On Sunday the girls had their fall piano recital.  It was Tanith's first, and she was THRILLED to participate! 
  • October and December are the two most difficult months for me to comply with my dietary needs.  I will admit that I've slipped this week, and have the difficult task of getting myself back on track.
  • Don't worry, I feel crappy enough this morning that I WANT to get myself back on track.
  • My slip actually started last week when I discovered through a somewhat scary reaction that I am allergic to coconut.  I confess that led to a temper tantrum and cheating with things that cause less scary reactions. 
  • I'm human.
  • I don't think I like keeping my knitting a secret. 
  • I rather enjoy blogging about my work usually.
  • However, I am enjoying a great deal of pleasure in making things for my loved ones.  
  • more health related thing.  I do have a surgical consult scheduled for next month over my gallbladder.  Long story...short version is that it probably has to come out. 
  • My theory - it's yet another thing that took a whole bunch of damage over 25 years or so of undiagnosed food problems. Both docs back me up on this.
  • Have I mentioned the fact that my dog is 16 + years old?  That I've had her for 15.5 years, and that she's been the best dog ever?  Yeah.  It's really, really rough watching her struggle because of her age. 
  • Also, we lost the guinea pig a couple of weeks ago after a rather heroic attempt on my part to save his wee life with four days of intense nursing.  No more G Pigs for us.
  • I have to clean the photos and things off of my computer.  My husband says I'm an IT specialist's nightmare. 
  • All for now...I need to go wake the kids for school!

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