Friday, August 3, 2012

Putting Me To Shame

I taught Gillian how to knit when she was 5.
 And this summer she's kicked it into high gear.
 It took her about a week to make her fingerless gloves.  (Mom did the short row thumbs, she did everything else!)  They match a shawl I made for her a while back.
 And once those were done she went crazy.
 I mean....REALLY crazy.  She's for sure her mother's child!
 This scarf is to be a gift for her cousin...and is made FROM HER OWN HANDSPUN!
 She also made a scarf for her sister.
 Last weekend she surprised me by pulling out an old kids' knitting book, using to teach herself how to cast on and do both increases and decreases.  She subsequently made two doll shawls.
 Then last night she pulled out SOME MORE OF HER OWN HANDSPUN!!!!! (I knew buying her a wheel of her own for her 8th birthday was a good idea!) which she used to make a hat.
 I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of her!
Yes, she is absolutely her mother's child.

Now I just need to go help her find her next project.....


Shelda said...

Oh, fabulous! So fun to see her doing this. And I imagine you're one proud mama! Go, Gillian, go!

Jenny said...

Great work, Gillian! Keep it going!